WordPress for Blackberry – Now This Changes Everything

Every once in a while a tweet comes up on my Blackberry Pearl that sends me running for the nearest Netbook because I am so fired up I HAVE to blog about immediately.

Interestingly enough, the very tweet that last elicited such a response from me is the very same that will eventually save me the hassle of having to find a computer at all.

At this year’s WordCamp 2009 in San Francisco, the announcement came that Automattic is developing a full-blown WordPress blogging app for all models of Research in Motion’s Blackberry phones including the 8700, Pearl, Curve, Bold, and Storm. Although the app is still in beta, it can be downloaded for free so you can test it out and ideally even offer some feedback on its progress. It is recommended that you test this out with a private or non-essential blog as there are still kinks and bugs and we wouldn’t want you to cause any damage remotely.

An early look at the software, developed in partnership with Danais – the good people behind the MoPress Open Source project

it appears the mobile blogging app lives up to the WordPress standard; it is elegant, clean and comprehensive, all reasons that WordPress grabbed hold of the major market share in blogging platforms to begin with.

Although the interface is a little different than WP administrative back end to which you have become accustomed, it is designed to work best in the small real estate afforded by mobile phones – but, with certain phones, will allow you to work in landscape mode to maximize the viewing area.

But enough talk, let’s actually see this upcoming marvel in action – let’s take a look at the official WordPress for Blackberry beta video from Automattic:

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How to install the Beta from your Blackberry:

Point your BB to http://blackberry.wordpress.org/install Brother release . Most BlackBerrys will install apps, including this one, in the “Downloads” folder.

If You Find A Bug:

How To Report a Bug Army of the Dead psp documentation and support tickets can be found at blackberry.trac.wordpress.org.

If You Want To Contribute

If you are a developer and want to get your hands dirty, the source code can be found along with a copy of the app via SVN: http://blackberry.svn.wordpress.org/.

In Summary

I couldn’t be more excited about two of my favorite things coming together like so much peanut butter and chocolate: My Blackberry and WordPress.  The delicious aroma from the Automattic kitchen smells a lot like new-found freedom.

About the Author:

Keram is a new media consultant, music producer, actor and writer who opines on SEO at blogging-fool.com.  Keram recently launched ConstantChange.TV, a new WordPress-based video portal featuring his media company’s short films and videos.