Top 10 Flashy WordPress Themes

Some WordPress themes feature designs that don’t really serve much of a purpose other than to look good. There’s nothing wrong with that and these unique themes can give your blog’s voice extra authority and character. Here is our selection of the most bling-bling flashy WordPress themes we could find.

Desk Mess


This is a pretty popular theme that basically makes your blog look like a notebook on a messy desk. It’s an obvious gimmick but the theme is actually well presented and is very versatile. Besides, it probably actually looks like a lot of our desks.

Download Desk Mess here

Ali Han Natural


This theme is perfect if you have a sunny disposition. My mood improves just looking at it. The biggest design element of this theme is birds. Cute little birds. Despite the feminine look of the theme, it’s actually very nicely done.

Download Ali Han

Outdoorsy Theme


If you want a ‘green’ theme, then this is theme for you. The background image is grass and the header is a giant flower. You can’t get more outdoorsy than this pretty theme. I really like the crumpled parchment paper look. It’s very Harry Potter-esque.

Download Outdoorsy Theme


Smashing Magazine makes beautiful WordPress themes and this one is no different. It has a very bold, grunge look to it. Despite the fact it’s incredibly over designed, it seems to work as a theme package. I think it has a really pleasing color palette. I love the layout the most and would probably take this theme and change all the images to my own design, just to keep the great layout.


Night Whimsy


If you ever wanted a theme that evoked a cool summer night with clear skies, then this is the theme for you. I just look at it and I feel instantly calm and ready for a nap. Best of all, if you don’t like it, the designer has made it really easy to change the colors around.

Download Night Whimsy fotografia di un momento al bano romina power mp3 download

Lady in Green


This theme is very dark and it’s prominent feature is a sexy woman. I really like the giant Block Quote that lives in the header, it gives an otherwise uninspiring theme a neat twist.

Download Lady in Green

Color Paper


Another beautiful theme from the folks over at Smashing Magazine. They really know how to make them look great. I love the layout, the wood background and the color coded tabs. This theme is ALL design and that’s OK with me. Definitely worth a try.

Download Color Paper

Notepad Chaos


This is the last theme from Smashing Magazine, I promise! This theme basically turns your blog into a notepad and the sidebar is a post it note. It’s a really cool design and has now been copied in many other places. I’d go for the original. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the header, it’s kind of what I imagine hallucinating would be like.

Download Notepad Chaos



If you’re a Mac lover then this is the theme for you. It will turn your WordPress theme into something that resembles a Mac OS X app. I don’t know why you’d want your blog to look like that, but it’s possible with this. It’s a pretty slick layout, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Download iTheme

Travel Grunge


Grunge is a very popular trend in WordPress theme design and I’m not quite sure why. This theme turns the grunge look on it’s head by creating a clean travel theme perfect for chronicling your backpacking trek across Europe.

Download Travel Grunge

So there you have it, a good collection of flashy WordPress themes to make your blog stick out from the rest. What’s your favorite flashy WordPress Theme?

Understanding Categories in WordPress

Get Off To A Good Start – Identify The Parts

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When you first install a WordPress site, it is a little like opening a box of disassembled furniture from IKEA: you have a simple, uncluttered guide showing all the separate pieces you should have found in the box and a series of steps outlining how to assemble them together to arrive at the finished product.  But at the outset, it is just a lot of parts spread out across your living room floor with little indication how important any one of those pieces might be until it is time for it to be implemented.  The best way to get started is to identify all the parts, arrange like-with-like, do a rundown of the various steps involved, then go back to step one and get started.

Tags vs. Categories

One of my first experiences with WordPress involved me migrating an existing blog over to a custom WP installation and what it did was take all kinds of tags and convert them into categories, leaving me with dozens of categories for my new WordPress blog.  I am assuming this functionality has been straightened out in the interim, but it sure left me confused about what categories were, especially as compared to tags, so I hope to shed a little light on what Categories in WordPress really are, and best practices for using them as you plan out how to build and organize your site.

Let’s start with what a Category isn’t.  It isn’t just a Tag or a Keyword.  A tag is used as a keyword (for search engines, for example), but isn’t just a keyword because it can be used to identify what you feel are the operative terms of your article that may not be otherwise obvious.  For example, in this article I open with an analogy about IKEA furniture, but this article is about running a blogging content management system.  While I could add “IKEA” as a tag to “trick”  search engines into adding my site to any searches about one of the world’s wealthiest companies, I will not make many friends by using this trick.  Instead, I would be wise to add tags for this article that include terms like “optimization,” “SEO,” and “WordPress tips.”

Organizational Logic

The Aviator divx

file_cabinet1Think of tags as the tabs you put on file folders when flipping through a drawer, whereas categories are like the names of the drawers themselves.  Choosing the appropriate top-level labels for the drawers of your filing cabinets takes some proper planning; it will make your future self much better organized, happier, and efficient.  It also makes it easier for you to delegate work to others, because they will have an easier time understanding not only your organizational logic but the logic of your Organization; the way you divide and compartmentalize your content says a lot about the nature of your business.

If a burglar were to break into your office and see drawers labeled “Locations”, “Wardrobe” and “Camera” – they could infer that you are either a photography or video production studio.  If the same drawers were labeled “Accounts Payable,” “Accounts Receivable” and “Budget Sheets” they would quickly realize they had broken into the Accounting department.

The same goes for your blog.  Your categories should be carefully chosen and kept to a bare minimum.  The reason for this is that you can utilize this organizational workflow to great advantage in tandem with a well designed theme that automatically displays tabs or other graphic elements based on your categories.  Not all themes display categories in a prominent way, but some (like WP-Blogger) actually use categories to automatically display as tabs along the top of the content so that readers can easily navigate your site and get a better understanding of what you are about.

TIP: When setting up your blog, create a new category and then go to your Admin Panel->Setting->Writing and select if from the drop down menu beside “Default Post Category.”  This will prevent you from inadvertently filing something under the standard “Uncategorized” option.  In fact, remove the Uncategorized category altogether since you would not want that to ever display within your theme as it is both unprofessional and nonsensical.

Learning how to use categories early will save you a lot of time later on.  Categories are a powerful way to organize and structure your site and its content in a way that can be exploited by a well-designed theme.

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Keram is a new media consultant, music producer, actor and writer who opines on SEO at and society at Listen to his podcast at Middletown full movie and find him on Twitter @ConstantChange.

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5 WordPress Themes You Can Use For Business

WordPress is no longer a tool only used by bloggers. It now works as one of the best CMS and website management tools available. Many companies have made a move to WordPress because it is a simple and effective way to manage their websites.

The problem is that many free themes available for WordPress are far from being business ready. They just don’t look professional enough. Clients don’t exactly want to see a Spiderman theme or tons of pictures of your dogs in the header.

So what can you do?

Luckily, there are some really useful themes available for business use. They are professionally designed to look more like a website than a blog. Here are 5 great WordPress themes that you can use for your companies website (or your portfolio):

1. VibrantCMS by WooThemes


This theme is great for a business because it allows you to feature some important information about your company on the homepage. Users can click the next button to learn more about your products and services.

It’s also very easy to customize to match your logo and colors. The theme is also widget ready to it’s really easy to add plugins and extra features.


Get It Here:

Gog video 2. Fresh Folio by WooThemes


Another great theme designed by WooThemes. This one works well if you are looking to create a portfolio. It makes use of images on the portfolio which makes it really easy on the eyes.

This one is also easy to customize and comes with built in Flick and Twitter widgets to show off your images and tweets. Very cool!

Price: $70
Get It Here:

3. iReal Estate by


Looking to create a real estate website? This theme is an awesome looking one and looks very professional. It has a featured properties section on the homepage where you can show off pictures of properties that are currently available.

It also allows you to have an actual blog page where you can post updates and news about your company.

Price: $79
Get It Here:

4. Corporate by StudioPress


StudioPress is my favorite place to find premium WordPress themes. I have utilized them on many blogs and love how easy they are to use. Their Corporate theme is perfect for business use. It’s simple, yet still has a professional appearance.

The theme is widget ready and makes it simple to embed videos in the sidebar.

Price: $59.95
Get It Here:

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5. Titanium by


The Titanium theme works well if you are looking to create a company website that looks like a traditional one instead of a blog. For the most part, the theme looks like a complete website and most people would never guess that the site is running off of WordPress.

It has a feature box at the top of the homepage that automatically scrolls through a few pictures. This works great if you want to create a slideshow or a few images describing your company.

The theme also has some built in social networking buttons which makes it easy for people to stay up to date with your company.

Price: $79
Get It Here:

As you can see, there are a lot of options for professional WordPress themes. Using WordPress is a great way to create a company website, especially if you want it to be easy to update. Not to mention all of the features WordPress provides such as plugins. I highly recommend using it for your next website.