Top 10 Professional Business WordPress Themes

Of all the pretty WordPress themes out there, there aren’t that many suitable for a business to use as a blog or corporate website. Many WordPress themes are geared toward niches or are over designed to be flashy. While they may look nice, this doesn’t make them that useful for a business looking to create a simple or professional website.

Below are the 10 best free professional business themes that we could find. They are all very pleasing on the eyes and can be used for any business, regardless of what your main purpose is. Check them out:



Primepress is clean and powerful. It works well as a website for a business, corporation or simply as a blog tacked onto another existing website. It’s CSS files and images are easy to alter so that you can integrate it into any existing website easily.

Download Primepress



This is a simple two column theme. It’s not flashy and has plain colors. But it’s simplicity is deceiving. It’s simple colors and layout means that it can be easily customized to fit your company’s color scheme and logo.

Download Corporate

Blue Business

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Another simple two column theme. It can be customized to suit your needs and has graphics that can easily be edited. It’s not the most advanced theme, but it does the job.

Download Blue Business

Notepad Simple Business Theme

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This is a very simple, professional brochure style theme. It’s a free theme from a premium WordPress theme developer. Best of all it included 13 color schemes that you can easily change between. It’s nice layout and extensibility makes it a good choice for a simple website.

Download Notepad Simple Business



I love the colorful layout of this theme. The best part of this theme is the header at the top that you can use to show off your content. The layout it clean and well laid out.

Download Several3



This theme is clean, light and has an easily editable CSS file. Perfect for a simple business website.

Download Modern

Another Corporate WordPress Theme


This theme uses a clean corporate themed color scheme. You can customize any aspect of it. Looking at it, it just looks professional.

Download Another Corporate Theme



This theme is slick. It’s got a few more features that you could use in more advanced company website. This goes beyond a simple brochure like website. This is a full fledged, feature rich website. All in one nicely designed theme.

Download CorporateMag



This theme is very colorful, but not too colorful as to look unprofessional. It’s got an interesting layout that sets it apart from other WordPress themes. A very good business theme package.

Download Individual

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Ashford is a very nicely designed theme. But it’s so much more than just a theme, it’s turned into it’s own powerful web development platform that makes it scalable enough to use on a major corporate website. Definitely worth checking out.

Download Ashford

The Witches of Breastwick movie download Using WordPress For Business

As you can see, WordPress can easily be used for business websites and blogs. The key is finding a theme that does not come off as cheap or non-professional.

Do you have any recommendations for business WordPress themes?