WordPress As A Video Site – Themes and Plugins

WordPress vs. Joomla as a CMS

WordPress is deeply customizable and has evolved into a full content management system or “CMS” for many publishers, but it still isn’t the best choice for video sites – that crown is still held by Joomla, likely because it approaches the content not as a blog but as a way for navigating through a lot of content pulled from a database. Although this is essentially what WordPress does – WP still thinks like a blog – that is to say, it is hungry for updates so that it can post them on its front page, and have those updates commented upon by readers who subscribe to its RSS feed.

Joomla, on the other hand struggles as a blogging platform and instead excels at cataloging your content much like a library catalogs and displays book, allowing that content to be voted upon and rated, building communities and so on. They are both capable of much the same things, but they come at it in very different ways.  furthermore, someone with knowledge about installing and running a WordPress site does not necessarily share the tools for installing and running a Joomla CMS.  Again: they are two different animals.

As WordPress slowly saturates the market as a full-blown CMS, we are on the lookout for ways in which people are solving both community building (in the sense that its readers can maintain profiles that go beyond a comment history) and as a multimedia platform.

While most successful port of the YouTube idea to WP are expensive custom jobs, there are a couple of solutions emerging for the rest of us worth a look.

Video Themes and Solutions for WordPress

First is WordPress Video Theme – a design that does a very simple thing: it integrates the ability to embed video right in to your template’s back end. The upside is you need to know nothing about coding or even third-party plugins to use it. The downside is that because it is expressly designed to display videos in its posts (to retain the integrity of its overall formatting) you must link a video in every post or you will be stuck with a big empty white space before your text appears. It also affords you the ability to switch between seven different color palettes on the fly.

22-year old designer Malan Joubert has been more than generous in giving this one away.

Good Burger ipod

It is not an ideal solution, but it works, and its free and at the very least you can get a chance to tinker around with a solution to this problem.

Wordpress Video Theme

A free WordPress Video Theme by Malan Joubert

Next is an excellent video theme from the good people at Woo Themes called, appropriately WooTube. This premium theme automatically resizes videos on your site for a clean consistent look and even has the WPPost-Ratings plugin built in so readers can vote on their favorite videos. The difference between WooTube’s integration of the rating system and doing it yourself without any knowledge of CSS is WooTube makes it look good. It also features a customized sidebar for displaying past videos without any need for installing third party plugins.

how deep is your love.mp3

WooTube - a premium video theme from WooThemes.com

WooTube - a premium video theme from WooThemes.com

WooTube can be purchased in one of two ways: as a single license (meaning you have permission to use it on one site) for $70 and multi-sites for $150, or as part of a Woo Themes club membership. Visit the site for details.

A last thing to look at is Viper’s Video Quicktags

The Spirit buy

– not a theme, but a plugin that allows you to embed videos from a wide variety of sites including YouTube, MySpace, Metacafe, Vimeo, Dailymotion and others, customize the appearnce of the video player and define other behaviors.

Once installed the plugin option appear within the WYSIWYG of your post editor. It doesn’t break your theme in any way, (I have tested it with over 25 different themes) and get you into the world of video broadcasting from your Worpdress blog. What it doesn’t do, that a good theme does, is display past videos, who watched them, how much they were liked and so on. These are the keys to making a successful video site, and WordPress isn’t quite there yet.

Here is a list of many other video plugins for WordPress worth taking a look at; as always, try some out and see what works best for you.

While there are dozens of amazing highly customized themes for multimedia by frighteningly talented designers out there, most of them aren’t available to the common blogger without a budget.  The resources above, however, should get you on your way.

About the Author:
Keram is a new media consultant, music producer, actor and writer who opines on SEO at blogging-fool.com and society at theculturepin.com. Listen to his podcast at KeramCast.com

Top 10 Most Elegant Premium Themes

I get asked this question a lot: Why would I pay for a WordPress theme when there are so many for free?

While there may be many beautiful and well designed themes out there for free, a majority of them are not very good, not very powerful and certainly not scalable. If you’re looking to build a massive website, you’re going to need a professionally designed WordPress theme that will do exactly what you need.

Many theme design companies have sprung up to fill in this market niche and there are lots of great premium themes out there. By far one of the best things about purchasing a premium theme is that you get product support to help you implement the theme successfully. Here’s our choices for 10 Elegant and Powerful Premium WordPress Themes.

Studiopress Lifestyle


This is by far one of my favorite premium WordPress themes ever created. It’s versatile, powerful and has a wide range of applications. The killer feature is the featured content slider on the homepage. You’d be surprised at how many people click those links. The design color scheme is easily changed and you have built-in ways to display your ads.

Buy StudioPress Lifestyle Here

Price: $59.95

Wootube by WooThemes


WooTheme is another great theme developer. This theme is perfect if you want to start a full featured Video blog. Sure you can turn any old free WordPress theme into a videoblog but this theme is built solely for the purpose of displaying video beautifully. Worth the investment if your looking to create a video portal or clone of Wine Library TV.

Buy Wootube Here

Price: $70

Black Canvas


Another beauty from Studiopress. The focus of this theme is displaying images beautifully. This theme is perfect if you’re looking to run a photoblog. I love the black background, perfect for displaying all your images. With StudioPress you’re not just paying for design, you’re paying for a powerful backend and great tech support.

Buy Black Canvas Here

Price: $59.95

Puretype by Elegant Themes


Puretype is one of those perfect little WordPress themes. Perfectly suited to a simple blog or to a magazine style site. This theme is powerful and can manage a lot of content. The color scheme on this theme is simply beautiful. Best of all, it’s a cheap premium theme as you only have to pay a yearly membership fee to have access to all the themes from Elegant themes.

Join Elegant Themes Here

Price: $19.95/yr



There is a free version of this theme, but the premium version offers substantially more functionality. The biggest difference is that you get more color schemes to choose from out of the box. This theme is easy to use and implement. I highly recommend it.

Buy WP-Premium Here

Price: $49.95



This is a great magazine style premium theme. It’s killer feature is it’s built in automatic thumbnail generation, to make integrating images into all posts a breeze. The design is clean and the layout functional. It basically turns WordPress into a full fledged content management system.

Buy Arthemia Here

Price: $70



This is another slick magazine style premium theme. It’s layout isn’t that much different from Arthemia, but it’s color scheme is different and has a very elegant featured article slider for the front page. I would definitely give this theme a shot.

Buy Yamidoo Here

Price: $69



This theme has one purpose, it’s perfect for starting a travel blog. It does this very well. You can customize the theme so that it fits the travel theme you’re going to blog about. It’s clean and feature packed so that you can build the next killer travel blog. Travel blogs are very popular right now so it’s a good idea to have a theme that will allow you display as much content as possible.

Buy Traveler Theme Here

Price: $79.95

NewsPress by WooThemes

Night of the Comet the movie


This is a great little theme from WooThemes for building a news centered website. Perfect for a community newspaper or small niche magazine. You can customize the colors and layout using WooThemes powerful backend that they build into their themes. Best of all, right now you get two WooThemes for the price of one. Not a bad deal.

Buy NewsPress Here

Price: $70

Proof of Life trailer Basic by Elegant Themes


Don’t let the name of this theme deceive you. Basic may look simple, but it’s a very powerful theme that’s packed with useful premium features. I love the look and feel of it and you can easily change the color scheme. Another excellent theme from Elegant Themes.

Join Elegant Themes Here

Price: $19.95/yr

Love a premium WordPress theme that isn’t listed? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about it.

Top 10 Free Premium WordPress Themes

There are thousands of WordPress Theme possibilities and what theme you end up choosing for your site will influence it’s content along with the look and feel. Premium themes are great options to give your blog that extra professional look and advanced functionality that can be absent in normal free themes. Premium themes normally command a high price to use, but I’ve compiled a list of 10 Free Premium like themes.

Arthemia Magazine Style Theme


This theme is simply gorgeous and comes with lots of advanced functionality. It’s a magazine style theme, meaning that it will allow you to display more of your content in a useful way. It invites people to explore your site. This is a great theme if you’re starting a community like site.

Download Arthemia Theme



This theme is as minimalist as they get. It’s clean and crisp. It loads quickly and looks great while doing it. Perfect if you just want to get your blog up there and customize as you go along.

Download Blog.txt Theme



Dojo Theme is a pretty plain theme, but it’s well laid out and looks great. It’s minimalism hides a powerful backend that will help take your blog to the next level.

Download Dojo Theme


firebug-screenshot mercenary for justice movie

Firebug is a great dark theme. It may be dark, but it’s not hard on the eyes to read. Perfect for a sci-fi oriented site or gaming oriented blog. It’s also very customizable and it even includes great ad placement slots.

Download Firebug Theme

Premium News


This theme comes from WooThemes – a great premium WordPress theme maker. This is their one free theme and it looks simply wonderful. It features lots of cool ways to display your content and feature it. Woo Themes are usually easy to use and setup and you have the option to buy support if you need a little extra help.

Download Premium News from WooThemes

Mimbo Magazine


Mimbo is another magazine style theme that does everything you need in order to set up a full featured magazine style blog. Very clean lines and nice layout.

Download Mimbo Theme

WP Premium


This theme features three color schemes and is very well laid out. It’s easy to customize and there is plenty of free support out there.

Download WP Premium



Ashford is a perfect theme for a company looking to build a simple website. It’s nice and clean and loads quickly. You can customize the colors anyway you want and it won’t take long to have a professional looking website for your company.

Download Ashford Theme



Coda is a neat theme that displays content in a rather unusual way, with a slideshow functionality. It’s also purple. Great if you like purple. But not hard to change if you’re comfortable editing your theme files.

Download Coda Theme

Massive Press


This is a great theme if you’re looking to have lots of rich content but not go all the way towards a magazine style format. It has nice colors and a clean layout.

Download Massive Press

What’s your favorite Free Premium WordPress Theme?

Revolution Church Theme

There are a lot of free themes available for WordPress, but many of them look plain and lack features. Not to mention they have been used millions of times by people from all over the world. That’s why I prefer to use premium themes. Not only do they look better but they also have been used a lot less times.

One of my all-time favorite themes is the Revolution Church theme, which can be seen here . It’s a magazine style theme that uses the Featured Content plugin to show off some of your featured posts. Here is a screenshot of what the theme looks like by default:


As you can see, the theme has a very professional look. It also used a magazine style layout which makes it really easy to keep your content organized between sections. If you are not looking to use the magazine layout, you can use this theme with a typical blog front page. This will list all of your posts in order just like a typical theme.


Besides the Featured Content plugin, this theme also has some easy to use functions. The theme has its own theme options page where you can set different things such as:

  • Banner Ads – The theme simply allows you to enter in your code for your ads and it will automatically add them to the theme.
  • Feedburner ID – Simply enter in your Feedburner ID and the newsletter form will automatically start working for your feed.
  • Video Code – Using the Featured Video section is as easy as pasting in some video code. It works well with YouTube and other video sharing websites.


Another thing I really like about the Revolution Church Theme is the ability to customize it. If you have some knowledge of CSS, you can change the colors and layout as much as you would like. For an example of a modified theme, check out BlogHelp.org . As you can see, the colors are similiar but the whole layout has been modified.


The Revolution Church Theme costs $59.99, which is a great price for a premium theme. You can also buy the full package for $199.99 and that includes all of the Revolution Themes. Very useful if you plan on making more than one blog.

Want to purchase this theme? Get it here.