Monetizing Your Blog With Kontera's New Plugin For WordPress

One of the more interesting alternative to Google’s Adsense or Linkshare’s banner ads is ContentLink – a JavaScript-based solution from company Kontera that offers a contextual in-text advertising system capable of scanning your site’s text and displaying carefully selected hyperlinks to affiliate advertisers after the site has already been published.

Until recently the only way to implement Kontera’s ContentLink was to generate the code at the company’s site and then paste it into your theme’s code.  Although the Kontera system puts no strain on your server or load time by running as Javascript, it had a tendency to include all text on your page, including site name, footers, comments and sidebars!  It also had a way of claiming too much space, that is – adding too many of its trademark double-underlined links – something that could only be restricted by requesting a limit to the amount of links with the company itself.

A plugin called Kontera Ad Wrap for WordPress emerged that aimed to fix this by adding “ad zone” div tag as follows:

<div class="KonaBody">
...Content we want ad links appear here...

It worked, to an extent, but because it was a set-it-and-forget-it solution, didn’t offer much in the way of control.

But all that is behind us now as Kontera itself, certainly due to the overwhelming success and ubiquity of the WordPress platform, has released an official Kontera plugin for WordPress 2.7

and upward.

I tested it out and am thrilled with their solution!  The plugin’s admin panel simply requires that you enter your Kontera ID, select the color you would like for you affiliate links and presto you are ready for showtime.

But the real value of the plugin comes in its extended options that allow you define which categories, static pages and tags to exclude from displaying ads, whether or not the links should appear on posts and even how long it should wait before displaying ads on new posts.

kontera-wordpress plugin - backend

You can even choose to have the links display only on comments (perhaps because you want to keep the links in your posts front and center, and to avoid any confusion or frustration on the part of your reader who trusts those links to be pointing at legitimate resources related to the content itself).

Finally, the plugin allows you to easily toggle the Kontera option on and off right from your WP admin panel, rather than having to go into your code and chop it out.

Kontera is an excellent alternative revenue stream that really works.  John Chow gives it his big thumbs up as do hundreds of other publishers.  Because of its negligible load on your site and the efficiency of its very advanced patent-pending technology for finding the most contextually relevant ads, I strongly urge you to check it out.  Now with the company’s new official plugin designed explicitly for WordPress – there is no reason to wait.

Direct Download to Kontera-Wordpress Plugin for WP 2.7

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