Using or

When it comes to starting a blog, many people would rather opt for the easy choice and have someone else do all the technical stuff. They take advantage of free Blogging Services such as Blogger or to launch their blogs. While, this is perfectly all right if you don’t have big plans for your blog, it is a bad choice to make if you one to take your blog to the next level.

If you want to be serious about blogging, you need to have your own hosting for your blog as well as your own domain name. Here’s why:

Negatives of Using

If you use you will have several major issues facing you that will cause you problems down the road.

Your Blog Is Stuck On A Subdomain – While you can pay to use your own domain on, many people don’t know this. And if you’re going to pay to use your own domain, you might as well pay for hosting as well. Subdomains aren’t as valuable from an SEO perspective and it does not look very professional if you’re looking to create your company’s presence on the web.

You’re Stuck with Their Themes

– only gives you a choice of 60 themes to use. This is a small fraction of the thousands of WordPress themes available out there. They also make you pay for the privilege of changing your own themes characteristics.

You Get Storage Limitations – While they offer 3GB of storage for your content, if you run that out, they make you pay for more.

Ads you Can’t Control The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer full Wolf rip – WordPress reserves the right to place ads on your site. Ads that you can’t control. They wants $30/year to remove this.

Limited Users

– limits you to 35 users, so if you’re looking to create big community – you’ll quickly run into that limit. Again, you have to pay to remove the limits.

Absence of a 301 Redirect – traps your content on While you can export it and then import it elsewhere, doing this will completely destroy any search engine rankings you may have developed. That means you would basically be starting out your blog from scratch and any site linking to your old will go nowhere.

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Benefits of a Self Hosted WordPress Blog

If you host your own WordPress blog you pretty much aren’t hit with the built-in limitations of If you have your own installation of WordPress, you can:

  • Host on your own domain name
  • Choose any theme you like or build your own
  • There are no storage limitations
  • Put your own ads on the site and don’t have to answer to anyone about it.
  • You can have unlimited visitors.
  • If you have to move your blog, you are able to use redirects without losing search engine rankings.

When you add up the cost of how much it would cost you to use premium features, it actually adds up way more than it would cost you to just buy a cheap hosting account and host your own blog.

By hosting your own WordPress blog, you also get credibility right out of the box. It shows you’re a blogging expert, that your taking blogging seriously. It is also light years more professional if you’re using WordPress to blog about your business.