To DoFollow or Not To DoFollow

Comments can be a great way to build a community around your blog. But they can also be a great way to build traffic and increase user participation. How do you do this? By turning your comments into do-follow comments.

What exactly does that mean?

No Follow and DoFollow

When people leave comments on a regular WordPress installation, the link they leave to their website is no-follow. That means that when the search engines crawl your website it will NOT follow those links and pass along pagerank. Basically the links are worthless from and SEO and link building perspective.

There is now a growing trend in WordPress blogs of people deactivating this feature. The reasoning behind it is that it will encourage people to leave more comments, especially from people looking to build backlinks for their own blogs. It doesn’t take many backlinks to help some sites, so a few comments left on blogs here and there can be a huge boost to a blog’s traffic.

How to Turn on DoFollow

Turning on DoFollow is simple. Simply download the DoFollow Plugin for WordPress, install and activate it. That’s it. Every time someone leaves a comment on your blog, it will now be a ‘dofollow’ link, meaning you’ll pass SEO and pagerank goodness.

If you prefer to do something more advanced, you can also install plugins that allow you to set a number of comments before someone’s comment becomes dofollow. In other words, people have to comment a few times before they get all the benefits of a dofollow link.

This works well to help combat those who leave a comment to strictly benefit their own blogs. The name of the plugin is the Lucia’s Link Love Plugin. Grab a copy of it here.

Potential Issues With DoFollow

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The first issue that you can have with turning this feature on is that you’ll have people spam your blog with comments just for the backlinks. Most will just leave comments and try to engage with your writing. But you can never really count on people not to abuse something, so expect people to abuse it. Keep in mind, though, that you can always delete comments if people start to abuse their posting rights. You will also attract blatant bot spammers, but the trick to fighting them is to make sure you have Akismet protected and you should be fine.

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How Do Follow Can Help you

You’ll need to list your blog in directories like DoFollow Diver. This will make it easy for people to find your blog and then post if they think your blog will be relevant for their linking purposes.

It’s also a great way to search for dofollow blogs yourself. Leaving dofollow on is a courtesy and should not be abused. So feel free to post on other blogs, but don’t just push your products or website, actually contribute to the conversation taking place. Hopefully readers of your blog will do the same and you won’t spend all of your time deleting comments.

Posting on other blogs and allowing them to post on your isn’t about blatant advertising. It’s about anchor text and backlinks. Keep this in mind when dealing with spam comments and when you leave comments on other blogs.

With luck, you’ll see an increase in traffic and participation in your blog do to activating this little known feature.

To Tell or Not to Tell

Should you announce on your blog that it’s a dofollow blog? It’s entirely up to you. As long as the dofollow directories know, you don’t really need to publicize it. But your readers and link builders may appreciate the full disclosure and it will make it easier for them to find your blog. Again, letting people know out of the gate will open your blog up to abuse. It’s up to you to control that abuse.

Do You Have DoFollow Tuned On?