Does Your Blog Look Like A Textbook?

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Adam (adamjinj)
It’s no secret that many readers get bored when reading nothing but text. I’m the same way when I read blogs and websites. If I wanted to read text, I’d pick up one of my old textbooks and start reading. That’s why it is important to spice up your blog posts with pictures.

The problem is that it can be pretty difficult to take your own pictures for every post you write. Stock photos are a great alternative but many bloggers do not have the means of spending a bunch of money for pictures. Especially if you blog for hobby and not for profit.

The Photo Dropper Plugin creepshow 2 dvd download

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Luckily there is another option. And guess what, it’s really simple to use and costs nothing! What I’m talking about is the Photo Dropper plugin, which is available for download here . This plugin allows you to use photos from Flickr that have a Creative Commons license. In other words, the photos are free to use as long as you provide the necessary information.

The plugin will automatically add the photo credits and hyperlinks necessary to use the photos. There is even an option to only search pictures that can be used for commercial use. So I highly recommend checking that option if you make any money from your blog.

How To Install It

Installing the Photo Dropper plugin is a piece of cake. Just download the file from the website and then upload it to your plugins folder. Once it’s uploaded, head over to your plugins page and activate it. Once it is activated, simply go to the plugin settings under the settings tab. It’s that easy!

How To Use It

Now that the plugin is installed, you are probably wondering how to use it. The good news is using the plugin is as simple as installing it. The plugin automatically adds a “PJ” logo in the write post screen which should be visible to the right of the add media button. You can then click the button to add an image just like the normal add image function in WordPress.

Once the Photo Dropper window opens, simply time something in the search box. It will return any images from Flickr that have the keywords in them. Then you simply select the alignment and size of the picture to insert. Simple!

It will automatically add the links below the image along with the Creative Commons logo and license. That way you are free to use the pictures at your own will. Just be sure to double check the license settings for the images directly on Flickr as well. Sometimes people change their license settings and it hasn’t updated in Photo Dropper yet.

So grab a copy of the plugin now and start adding photos to your posts. Your readers will love you for it!