WordPress 2.8.3 Available For Download – Security Release

Either WordPress is getting buggier or its community is getting more vigilante and eagle-eyed about patching up any possible security vulnerability in the widely used blogging software from company Automattic.

The third .01 update in two months has been released to fix and plug some 40 security vulnerabilities in the latest release named “Baker.”

Automattic released WordPress 2.8.2 less than a month ago and bloggers commented on the accelerated pace of the updates. Well, the fact that performing the update is as easy as clicking the Update Now button from the admin panel, (a function that was improved for stability in 2.8.2) means that it can only be a good thing; less vulnerabilities = more happy.

For details on this release and download links from the official site, visit the page for update 2.8.3 at WordPress.org

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Keram is a new media consultant, music producer, actor and writer who opines on SEO at blogging-fool.com and podcasts at keramcast.com.

WordPress 2.8.2 Released to Patch Security Issue

Hot on the heels of the recent 2.8.1 update

for WordPress Baker, Auttomatic and its development community have released yet another .1 update to patch an important security vulnerability, applicable to all custom installations running versions 2.8 and 2.8.1.

The official statement:

“WordPress 2.8.2 fixes an XSS vulnerability. Comment author URLs were not fully sanitized when displayed in the admin. This could be exploited to redirect you away from the admin to another site. Download 2.8.2 or automatically upgrade from the Tools->Upgrade page of your blog’s admin.”

If you are running any version above 2.7, you will most likely see a notice at the top of your admin panel advising you of this most recent update, with the option to do a one-click update. It is strongly recommended you do so as soon as possible.

The update replaces some ten files, but does not appear to modify the database structure in any way.

About the Author:

Keram is a new media consultant, music producer, actor and writer who opines on SEO at blogging-fool.com download deck the halls movie Godsend buy and society at theculturepin.com

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WordPress v2.8.1 – Why You Should Update Now

Although WordPress 2.8 (“Baker”) was a thing of beauty and brought a plethora of significant changes and improvements, it comprised hundreds of patches, fixes and some rather heavy new behaviors – for example the ability to simply deactivate a widget rather than remove it outright, or to drag and drop widgets back and forth.

Given the amount of new functionality added, the release was surprisingly stable, but invariably, some annoyances and even security holes came with it. Well the good people at Auttomatic hurried to get everything patched as best they could, and the real thanks must go to the community of programmers that rushed to plug up the leaks.

Among the most important fixes in 2.8.1:

Files being deleted during upgrade

Many users complained, and some became downright angry that using the automatic updater for Worpdress was a risky affair to say the least, and often left all sorts of junk behind or even worse, it inefficiently removed files no longer needed, often breaking installations completely. Thankfully, it was a bug, it was identified, and has been patched in 2.8.1

PHP Warning at menu-header.php line 118
Sometimes terrible things happen after installing a plugin or updating, like an ugly warning suddenly showing up at the top of your meticulously crafted WordPress site. This can lead to great frustration and confusion, especially for those who don’t read php and no real answers forthcoming about how to fix it. The cause for this warning is now fixed, and no it wasn’t your fault.

Warnings after post/page save
Speaking of annoyances and confusion – 2.8 introduced a glitch wherein trying to leave a post entry page warned that the content had not been saved. I am not sure whether this is also what led to the ensuing “there is a previous autosave of this post” message, but rest assured, your work was being saved, but the alarm bells were going off anyway. Fixed in 2.8.1.

Another nice little optimization introduced is that the admin dashboard memory usage is reduced.  Some people were running out of memory when loading the dashboard, resulting in an incomplete page.  This should make things run a little quicker and smoother.

Furthermore they have increase download_url() timeout from 30 to 60 giving you a little more wiggle room before getting a nasty timeout error.

Security Fix

Last, but never least, security is the main reason to update your WP installation to 2.8.1 as soon as possible. As the developer’s state:

“Core Security Technologies notified us that admin pages added by certain plugins could be viewed by unprivileged users, resulting in information being leaked. Not all plugins are vulnerable to this problem, but we advise upgrading to 2.8.1 to be safe.”

Don’t leave your precious site vulnerable to attack. If you are already running WordPress Baker, install this latest point 1 patch now.

To learn more about the WordPress 2.8.1 patch to Baker, visit the official patch notes page at WordPress.org

To see a comprehensive lists of fixes since 2.8 visit this page that displays a complete listing.

One final note – for those of you using the SimplePress Forums, be sure to download and install the latest update


(4.0.4) so that it is fully compatible with 2.8.1

About the Author:

Keram is a new media consultant, music producer, actor and writer who opines on SEO at blogging-fool.com

and society at theculturepin.com. Keram recently released a solo acoustic CD titled “Box”.

My Top Five Favorite New Features in WordPress 2.8

Chet Baker, the jazz musician whose silky smooth voice was matched by his seemingly effortless trumpet playing was the inspiration for the name of the latest update to WordPress.  The new version 2.8, titled “Baker” is the follow up to “Coltrane”, and this new version, with much simplified and yet more powerful admin pages, advanced customization options and a whole lot of slick changes to the interface does indeed live up to its name.

Performing the update to your site should be as simple as click the new link that will appear at the top of your admin pages reading: “WordPress 2.8 is available”.  Before you do, be sure, as always, to backup you database.  There are many articles here at WP-Blogger.com that teach you how to do this correctly.

While there are literally hundreds of updates and fixes in this revision, here are my top five favorite new features and changes in WordPress 2.8:

1. Smarter Widgets

At long last, Automattic did indeed answer my prayers with the new drag-and-drop widgets admin interface!  The best aspect of this update (and arguably my favorite overall in all of WP 2.8) is that you can store widget settings when you deactivate them.  For anyone who has ever entered a wall of code into one general text widget (like I do with all the blog directory buttons that I am linked from – for example bloggernity, blogcatalog, technorati etc.) or adsense or other affiliate code – this is a huge time saver. It also allows much easier testing – sometimes you may want to see whether more or less ads are more or less effective.

2. Plug and Play Themes

50 First Dates release

Browse the theme directory and install themes from the admin – being able to install themes right from within WordPress rather than having to download, decompress and upload via ftp is another small but significant wonder of this release.

3. Option for Case-Insensitve Logins Tequila Sunrise trailer

Allow case-insensitive logins – this makes the process far more semantic. Sure it’s slightly less secure, but in terms of convenience, a smart move as you always want to make the user’s experience as simple and unobtrusive as possible.

4. Multiple Galleries per Page

Support more than one gallery on the same page

5. Per Page option for plugins

The option to choose what plugins manifest on what page is the sort of customization that makes a WordPress portal feel less like a sandbox and more like a dynamic destination.

All of these seemingly small distinctions, can collectively result in a much more customized and accurate representation of the experience you want to bring to your readers.

To see the extensive and complete list of additions, fixes and changes go the official WordPress Baker page at: http://codex.wordpress.org/Version_2.8

About the Author:
Keram is a new media consultant, music producer, actor and writer who opines on SEO at blogging-fool.com and society at theculturepin.com America’s Sweethearts full movie . Listen to Keram’s podcast at Keramcast.com Inferno

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