5 Plugins for Amazon.com Integration

One of the first things a new blogger should do when seeking to monetize their WordPress blog is to sign up for the Amazon Associates program. What is it? Basically it’s Amazon.com’s affiliate program where you can make a percentage of commision off of every purchase that you refer to them. It’s not a huge percentage and you won’t get rich doing it, but by setting things up correctly, you can generate a steady income from referring people to Amazon.com.

The best part about it is it doesn’t have any strict qualifications for traffic or Pagerank so anyone can sign up and start using it. Even if you are brand new to blogging, I still recommend signing up and giving it a try.

WordPress is not friendly out of the box to the Amazon affiliate program. It can be a pain in the butt to go to Amazon.com, find the affiliate links and get them to look right in your blog. Fortunately, some helpful people have written some great WordPress plugins to help you integrate Amazon.com into your site.

Below are five plugins that will help you monetize your site with the Amazon.com Associates program.

Amazon Showcase WordPress Widget

Amazon Showcase Plugin is a really easy way to integrate Amazon items in your blog using your associate’s ID.

From the Description:

“Amazon Showcase is a WordPress Widget/Plugin for showcasing items from Amazon. Simply enter the ASIN/ISBN numbers of any products and optionally enter an Associate ID for earning commissions. The product image will be displayed with a link to the product detail page on Amazon.com. More advanced users can have full control over the way the products are displayed.”

Download Amazon Showcase Widget

Amazon Search

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This plugin will create a custom Amazon search page so that people can search Amazon.com from within your site. This is the perfect tool for your readers because they can find any product they are looking for right from your site.

From the Description:

“This plugin provides an Amazon Search widget which will search any of the amazon servers and produce search results with direct links to products. It also allows you to link directly to items in your posts using a special tag.”

Download the Amazon Search Plugin

Amazon Reloaded for WordPress

Amazon Reloaded is a very powerful plugin for integrating Amazon.com products within your blog posts. It makes it much easier than logging in to your Amazon Associates account and creating links. I love plugins that allow you to do things right from inside your WordPress admin panel.

From the Description:

“This plugin makes it easy for post authors to quickly search Amazon’s index from their posting page, and grab text links to place in their posts. The text links can optionally contain an individual’s affiliate tag. Also, the blog administrator can choose which Amazon locale that they wish to use from a list of the following: Canada, France, Germany, Japan, United States, United Kingdom.”

Download Amazon Reloaded

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Amazon SmartLinks Widget

This plugin is perfect for adding your wishlist (or any other list) to your blog sidebar. This works great if you have some spare real estate on your sidebar and are looking for something to put in it.

From the description:

“Use this plugin to add automatically updated Amazon SmartLink lists for your sidebar. You can add widgets to display Best Selling Books, Albums, Electronics, DVDs, or your personal Wish List. You can also make money by adding your affiliate IDs for Amazon, eBay, and Google.”

Download Amazon Smartlinks


This is a cool tool that will put mini Amazon flash widgets in your posts by using a simple tag. It’s very easy to use and will make it easy for you to add widgets to your posts.

From the Description:

“Add slick looking Amazon Carousel widgets to your blog posts in a brain-dead simple way! Amazon Widgets are small Flash-based mini-applications that bring Amazon’s rich features right to your website. The Amazon Carousel is a cute looking Flash widget which lets you showcase products that are relevant to your blog post.”

Download WP-Amazon Carousel

Do you use Amazon Associates with your WordPress blog? If so, which plugins do you use?