Five Hot Free Magazine-Style Themes for WordPress

Gossip, tabloids, sound bytes, Twitter breaking news stories, paparazzi – these things seem to make the world go around.  WordPress is the ultimate tool for publishing of-the-moment stories and making them look sexy at that.  Why not give yourself a leg up (is that a pun?) with these excellent Magazine styled themes for WordPress.  Did I mention they’re totally free?

Grid Focus

Oh let’s just start off by being unconventional – after all – the stars that catch our interest are the ones doing something different.  Grid Focus doesn’t look like the typical glossy magazine layout you might have been expecting from our headline, but it has all the bones to become whatever you desire.  You just have to be ready to roll up your sleeves, open a the can and then paint the town red.  We appreciated designer Derek Punsalan’s response to those complaining about a lack of ad support within the theme :

“I often receive complaints that Grid Focus – or any of my other themes – are not “ad friendly”. Official ad support is nowhere near my list of reasons for giving back to the WordPress community. If ad support is necessary, please modify the template(s) to meet your needs.”  That’s the spirit of innovation I like to encourage.  Wake up people – the curtain is about to go up and you had better be ready to rock the crowd.

grid_focus magazine-style free theme for WordPress
A three-column theme. Convenient navigation bars can be found at the top and bottom of pages. Category archives are presented via a JavaScript shelf which can be found at the top of the page.

Download || Demo

Jello Wala Mellow

A little unusual in its grid-like design, this punchy orange and black theme offers an interesting way to organize a lot of content in an easy to browse layout.

jello-wala-mellow magazine-style free wordpress theme
Jello-Wala-Mello is a news / magazine-styled WordPress theme created for multi-media sites. It requires WordPress 2.3+ to work properly.

Download || PSD Files


The Scarlett theme is just plain hot.  With a sliding large-format thumbnail bar at the top, a built in custom video frame and much more this feels like the place to be when the cameras start flashing.

scarlette-theme magazine-style free theme for wordpress


National Treasure dvd

|| Source || Demo

Julia rip

Skyye News

Like the famous Sky Bar on the Sunset Strip, this swanky media-rich theme is like a fully stocked bar in a clean, well lighted place.  Pretty sure when this theme crosses your line of site, you will give it a second look.

skyye-news free theme for wordpress
Skyye News by developer Nomad-One / designer Nathan Rice has an advanced template system that gives you the ability to configure almost everything from the dashboard options menu. Nearly every aspect of the theme is dynamic, from the homepage, single posts, pages, archives, etc.

Download || Live Demo

Small Magazine

Just like its namesake – this handsome theme should be popular due to its familiar print magazine feel.  You may just find yourself wishing you could take it into the bath, or on a plane with you.  Well, technically, who says you can’t.  (Don’t forget to register your blogs with the Kindle marketplace at Amazon! wink)

small-magazine magazine-style free wordpress theme

Download || Source

One of the things all the starlettes, all-star quarterbacks, prom queens, screenwriters and future Spielbergs quickly learn when they arrive in the Entertainment Capital of the World is that they are no longer the only one that is special – you have got be innovative, think on your feet, emulate the ones who have been successful and then find a way to do one better.  The above themes are all great but take them as a point for departure.  You can’t afford to be just another small fish in a big pond – after all, you are here to make your dreams come true so get out there and make a statement even if it is reporting on the statements someone else is making.

Most of all – have fun – your blog is your own damn publication – revel in that fact.

About the Author:

Keram is a new media consultant, music producer, actor and writer who opines on SEO at and society at

. Keram recently released a solo acoustic CD titled “Box”.

Top 10 Most Beautiful 3 Column Themes

For many bloggers, a 3 column theme is what you need to take your blog to the next level. It allows you to show more content in your sidebars, allows better ad placement and generally creates a more well rounded and balanced design.

There are tons of free 3 column themes available and you will have a lot of options. Here’s our picks for the most beautiful three column WordPress themes that we could find.

1. Mimbo

mimbo3 download the call

Mimbo is a well put together 3 columned magazine style theme. It works perfectly for taking your blog to the next level. It displays your content in a way that makes it easier for new visitors to explore your site. Great for ad click conversions.

Mimbo Theme

2. Aeros


Aeros is a slick theme. It’s key feature is that it has a pretty background picture (that you can change) and your blog floats of top of it. The image stays put but your content moves as you navigate the site. It’s a little gimmicky but it’s slick and well put together. Perfect for showing off your content. The package comes with several images you can have as the background as well as allowing you to create your own.

Aeros Theme

3. Puteulanus


Puteulanus is a very well designed 3 column theme that really likes the color blue. But it’s not overpowering. Everything is well laid out and underneath is a powerful theme. It’s well designed for ad placement optimization and will suit most advanced bloggers very well.


4. Publicizer


Don’t let this theme’s simplicity fool you. It’s an incredibly powerful and well designed theme that’s perfect for showing off your blog and all the great content you’ve written.


5. Woodtastic


This theme won’t suit everyone, but I love it. It harkens back to a more solid way of displaying content. It adds an air of sophistication and opulence to what are otherwise slick blogs. Woodtastic is well designed and doesn’t go overboard with the wood theme. This is one of those perfect little themes you just have to try.


6. Tamodatchi


Antwone Fisher buy

What I love the most about the Tamodatchi theme are the colors. The color palette the designers have chosen just works perfectly for me. It’s well laid out as well and it perfect for ad placement. It’s a simple, zen-like theme that just seems to work for me.


7. Brownmagic


Brownmagic is light and airy but also extremely powerful. It will help you display your content in a way that makes it easy for your readers to find content and explore your site. The only thing I’m not crazy about it the yellow at the top. I could live without that.


8. DailyPress


This is a theme you’ve probably already seen in a lot of places. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that it’s a theme that WORKS. It also has many ways that you can customize it so that it’s different from all the other sites that use it. It’s a nice little theme that I recommend using if it suits your needs.


9. Corptheme


Corptheme is a simple 3 column layout that is perfect for a company website. It’s a clean design that has four color options. It also has drop down menus, which is always a good feature to have on a 3 column blog. It’s clean and it works.


buy Arthur et les Minimoys

Shane movie download

10. Limit


While this is a three column theme, it’s got some unique design elements that separate it from the pack. It’s well laid out and has a very pleasing color palette. An excellent starter 3 column WordPress Theme.


So there is a good list of three column themes to get you started. What’s Your Favorite Three Column Theme? improve premarin lining

10 Gorgeous Two Column WordPress Themes

Whether your creating the next Top 100 blog or doing a small website for a company, two column themes provide lots of functionality and clean design. Many people overlook two columned themes in favor of more robust three columned themes, but if you’re designing a simple blog or a small website, two columns will suit most uses fine and be much easier to setup and maintain.

They are a great way to emphasize content since there is more space available while still allowing enough room for advertisements and other widgets. Here is an overview of ten awesome looking two columned themes you can use for your WordPress blog:

Auntie Mame dvdrip Green Tech Theme


A clean brown and green theme that is perfectly designed for ad placement. It also has an author box where you can tell your readers a little about you.

Download Green Tech Theme

WP Freemium Theme


A very clean two columned theme that is perfect if you are looking for a magazine style site but don’t want three columns. It also has some built in space for 125 pixel advertisements.

Download WP Freemium Theme

Salmon Theme


This theme is colorful, clean and gorgeous. The header is very clean and the sidebar has plenty of room for a banner ad as well at listing other information.

Download Salmon Theme

Blue Sensation Theme


I tend to like themes that use blue as the primary color and this is no exception, clean and well laid out. The theme incorporates a subscribe section to make it easy for readers to stay up to date. It also has a built in section for 125 pixel banner ads.

Download Blue Sensation Theme

Blues Theme


This theme has a lot going on, but once you master it, it’s a perfect theme to allow people to explore all the content you have to offer. The best part about the theme is that it uses some of the header space for advertisements. That way you do not have to sacrifice real estate in your sidebar for ads.

Download Blues Theme

Webby Green Theme


This theme is lean, clean and green. What more can you ask for?

Download Webby Green Theme

WP-Portal Theme


This theme is bright and bold as well as cleanly laid out. Like many of the themes above, it has a built in advertisement section so you can monetize your blog.

Download WP-Portal Theme

Corporate Theme


This theme is perfect for setting up a website for a business. It’s simple, yet very professional looking.

Download Corporate Theme download one night stand mp3

Floristica Theme


You can make the header whatever you want, which sold me on this theme. I love the transparency as well.

Download Floristica Theme

Tropicala Theme


This is a pretty simple two columned theme, but it looks great and is perfect for simple websites.

Download Tropicala Theme

What’s your favorite Two Column WordPress Theme?

Top 10 Flashy WordPress Themes

Some WordPress themes feature designs that don’t really serve much of a purpose other than to look good. There’s nothing wrong with that and these unique themes can give your blog’s voice extra authority and character. Here is our selection of the most bling-bling flashy WordPress themes we could find.

Desk Mess


This is a pretty popular theme that basically makes your blog look like a notebook on a messy desk. It’s an obvious gimmick but the theme is actually well presented and is very versatile. Besides, it probably actually looks like a lot of our desks.

Download Desk Mess here

Ali Han Natural


This theme is perfect if you have a sunny disposition. My mood improves just looking at it. The biggest design element of this theme is birds. Cute little birds. Despite the feminine look of the theme, it’s actually very nicely done.

Download Ali Han

Outdoorsy Theme


If you want a ‘green’ theme, then this is theme for you. The background image is grass and the header is a giant flower. You can’t get more outdoorsy than this pretty theme. I really like the crumpled parchment paper look. It’s very Harry Potter-esque.

Download Outdoorsy Theme


Smashing Magazine makes beautiful WordPress themes and this one is no different. It has a very bold, grunge look to it. Despite the fact it’s incredibly over designed, it seems to work as a theme package. I think it has a really pleasing color palette. I love the layout the most and would probably take this theme and change all the images to my own design, just to keep the great layout.


Night Whimsy


If you ever wanted a theme that evoked a cool summer night with clear skies, then this is the theme for you. I just look at it and I feel instantly calm and ready for a nap. Best of all, if you don’t like it, the designer has made it really easy to change the colors around.

Download Night Whimsy fotografia di un momento al bano romina power mp3 download

Lady in Green


This theme is very dark and it’s prominent feature is a sexy woman. I really like the giant Block Quote that lives in the header, it gives an otherwise uninspiring theme a neat twist.

Download Lady in Green

Color Paper


Another beautiful theme from the folks over at Smashing Magazine. They really know how to make them look great. I love the layout, the wood background and the color coded tabs. This theme is ALL design and that’s OK with me. Definitely worth a try.

Download Color Paper

Notepad Chaos


This is the last theme from Smashing Magazine, I promise! This theme basically turns your blog into a notepad and the sidebar is a post it note. It’s a really cool design and has now been copied in many other places. I’d go for the original. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the header, it’s kind of what I imagine hallucinating would be like.

Download Notepad Chaos



If you’re a Mac lover then this is the theme for you. It will turn your WordPress theme into something that resembles a Mac OS X app. I don’t know why you’d want your blog to look like that, but it’s possible with this. It’s a pretty slick layout, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Download iTheme

Travel Grunge


Grunge is a very popular trend in WordPress theme design and I’m not quite sure why. This theme turns the grunge look on it’s head by creating a clean travel theme perfect for chronicling your backpacking trek across Europe.

Download Travel Grunge

So there you have it, a good collection of flashy WordPress themes to make your blog stick out from the rest. What’s your favorite flashy WordPress Theme?

Top 10 Professional Business WordPress Themes

Of all the pretty WordPress themes out there, there aren’t that many suitable for a business to use as a blog or corporate website. Many WordPress themes are geared toward niches or are over designed to be flashy. While they may look nice, this doesn’t make them that useful for a business looking to create a simple or professional website.

Below are the 10 best free professional business themes that we could find. They are all very pleasing on the eyes and can be used for any business, regardless of what your main purpose is. Check them out:



Primepress is clean and powerful. It works well as a website for a business, corporation or simply as a blog tacked onto another existing website. It’s CSS files and images are easy to alter so that you can integrate it into any existing website easily.

Download Primepress



This is a simple two column theme. It’s not flashy and has plain colors. But it’s simplicity is deceiving. It’s simple colors and layout means that it can be easily customized to fit your company’s color scheme and logo.

Download Corporate

Blue Business

blue-business-10 tracey fragments the free

Another simple two column theme. It can be customized to suit your needs and has graphics that can easily be edited. It’s not the most advanced theme, but it does the job.

Download Blue Business

Notepad Simple Business Theme

something about us mp3 download


This is a very simple, professional brochure style theme. It’s a free theme from a premium WordPress theme developer. Best of all it included 13 color schemes that you can easily change between. It’s nice layout and extensibility makes it a good choice for a simple website.

Download Notepad Simple Business



I love the colorful layout of this theme. The best part of this theme is the header at the top that you can use to show off your content. The layout it clean and well laid out.

Download Several3



This theme is clean, light and has an easily editable CSS file. Perfect for a simple business website.

Download Modern

Another Corporate WordPress Theme


This theme uses a clean corporate themed color scheme. You can customize any aspect of it. Looking at it, it just looks professional.

Download Another Corporate Theme



This theme is slick. It’s got a few more features that you could use in more advanced company website. This goes beyond a simple brochure like website. This is a full fledged, feature rich website. All in one nicely designed theme.

Download CorporateMag



This theme is very colorful, but not too colorful as to look unprofessional. It’s got an interesting layout that sets it apart from other WordPress themes. A very good business theme package.

Download Individual

heaven project the movie



Ashford is a very nicely designed theme. But it’s so much more than just a theme, it’s turned into it’s own powerful web development platform that makes it scalable enough to use on a major corporate website. Definitely worth checking out.

Download Ashford

The Witches of Breastwick movie download Using WordPress For Business

As you can see, WordPress can easily be used for business websites and blogs. The key is finding a theme that does not come off as cheap or non-professional.

Do you have any recommendations for business WordPress themes?

Three Plugins To Transform Your WP Site Into A Video Portal

A Watershed Year for Online Video

In 2009, YouTube saw a 56 percent increase in traffic and finally hit a new benchmark – users are uploading 20 hours worth of video per minute to the site. This remarkable statistic may have something to do with the improved functionality of the webcam response tool that now allows users to start recording video with one-simple click.

And although online video is not quite ready to dethrone the venerable TV set, online video is almost a must-have element to any good online destination.

Here are three potent and easy to install plugins that will help transform your WordPress blog into a video-ready CMS:

wordTube for WordPress:

Per the developer site’s description: “This plugin manages the JW FLV MEDIA PLAYER 4.3+ and makes it easy for you to put music, videos or flash movies onto your WordPress posts and pages. ”

Well, let me say that “easy” is a relative term.  Compared to Viper’s Video Quicktags (see below) wordTube is not so simple.  It requires you to create an .flv (Flash video) file to begin with, or yes, you can link to an existing Flash video file (for example a YouTube link) and then drop a line of code into your post manually that looks something like: [media id="media id"]

That in itself isn’t so hard, but it can become a bit tedious when you just want to copy and paste something from another site into a post.  The adantages of wordTube, however are the extended power you get from integrating the JW FLV player into your WordPress installation; everything from building video jukeboxes, to custom skins for your player to integrating LongTail ads becomes available.  There is also a long list of plugins that add further functionality to the player available from the site at


Another cool thing about wordTube and it’s ability to work with audio or images alone, is that you can create a jukebox for music or images and thus build a radio station or photo gallery to your liking.  Or even a music jukebox with cover art.  To see an example of this, visit the Streaming Indie Jukebox at LA music blog

It supports .flv or .swf, sound files as MP3 and JPG, GIF or PNG grafic files.

Viper’s Video Quicktags

This delicious little dish makes serving up video from a wide variety of media sites as simple as copy and pasting the appropriate video link into an input field.  The plugin does the rest.

Sites currently supported include:

Highly recommended for ease of use and selection.  Furthermore you can use the plugins WYSIWYG backend to alter the player’s behaviors – from disabling related videos, to offering high quality options to the color of the frame.

Smart Video Plus

A relative but powerful newcomer is Smart Video Plus which is very different from any other WordPress video plugin you will find on the net as it’s not dependant on using any [tokens] or [tags] to embed media, nor does it need a list of supported video sites for you to choose from as this plugin allows video embedding from absolutely every video site online that supports embed code.

It can be used as a standalone plugin or integrated with a free custom optimized theme available from the developers site.

Some of the plugins features include the ability to:

  • Search Videos From Over 30 Top Video Search Engines!
  • Choose Videos From Over 100 Million Pre Cached Media Files!
  • Mass Embed The Media You Choose Directly to Your WordPress!
  • Change All The Video Meta Titles, Descriptions & Keywords!
  • No Downloading, No Uploading, No Copy & Paste, No Duplicate Media!

So there you have it – three ways to start becoming your own online broadcaster.  I’d love to hear from you if you have tried any of these and how they worked out for you.

About the Author:
Keram (follow him on twitter @ConstantChange) is a new media consultant, music producer, actor and writer who opines on SEO at and society at Listen to his podcast at

Top 10 Photoblog WordPress Themes

While there are many decent content management systems out there to run a photoblog, many cost money or are hard to customize to fit your needs. This is where WordPress comes in to help. It makes a great platform to run a photoblog because it has everything necessary to run one built right in. If it doesn’t have something, one of the thousands of plugins available will help you add the features you need.

The hardest part of using WordPress as a photoblog is finding a theme that works with photos. Most of the themes available are geared more towards blogging using text. Luckily, there are many fantastic photoblog themes out there, even free ones!

Here is our roundup of the 10 best free photoblog themes to showcase your photography.



Nishita is a simple, minimalist photoblog theme. What I like about it is that the design is broken up into blocks. Best of all, if you don’t like the color scheme you can easily change it by altering the CSS file. This makes it east to customize to your own standards.

Download Nishita here. download no man s land the rise of reeker divx



A lot of photoblogs shrink your images to make them fit into the design, Nautilus is great because it doesn’t do that. It makes the image the most prominent object on the page. The theme stays out of the way so that you can show off your art in the best way possible. I really enjoy this theme and have come across a few sites that are utilizing it.

Download Nautilus here.



Many Photoblog themes are white or gray, this one is black. I think the dark colors help bring out the shadows in your pictures and make them POP. Very cool theme. It also makes it easy to add more details about your photos as you can see in the screenshot above.

Download PhotoWP

Matchstick Men movie

Zack 390


Another simple, white theme. What separates this one from the rest is the way it displays older pictures at the bottom. You can also display videos using the theme, which I think it really useful if you maybe want to have a videoblog that features just videos. This theme is perfect for multiple uses.

Download Zack 390


monotone one quiet night mp3 download

Monotone is by far my favorite photoblog theme. It looks like many other photoblog themes out there, but what sets it apart is that the theme color scheme will change based on the color content of the current picture. This means that your blog theme will always match the picture you have up. It’s actually one of the coolest features I have seen built in to a free WordPress theme.

Very very slick.

Download Monotone



AutoFocus isn’t really a straight photoblog theme. It’s more of way to create a whole site around your photography. It displays your pictures in a really unique way. Very much worth exploring if you need to create a portfolio site. It looks proffessional enough that you could use it to advertise your work, as well as services and other offerings.

Download AutoFocus The Clock Watcher movie The Mummy ipod


The Art of Self Defense video


This theme makes your photos look like they’re on an old fashioned slide. I love the black background. It makes pictures POP out at you. I also like the fact that it is really simple and does not distract your viers from your images. Very cool theme, especially if you do black and white photography.

Download Dolichocephale


download dark reprieve divx

Another black and gray based photoblog theme. It’s sharp and well laid out. I would definitely give this one a try.

Download Grain

Ellie Parker trailer



Linquist is a pretty basic photoblog theme with great styling. The posts and comments are displayed along with the images. What I like is that all the descriptions and stuff are displayed next to the images. This makes it easy to add in text about the photo, location, etc. It also makes it easy for readers because they can click on the comments link to leave some feedback.

Download Linquist



This is an awesome photoblog theme for WordPress. It’s light, airy and displays images beautifully and large. There is no clutter or sidebars, just your art.

Download PhotoPress

So there you have it, a good list of photoblog themes you can use to showcase your photgraphy on your WordPress blog (or site). Have you used a different photoblog theme? If so, feel free to let us know what your favorite WordPress Photoblog Theme is.

Top 10 Most Elegant Premium Themes

I get asked this question a lot: Why would I pay for a WordPress theme when there are so many for free?

While there may be many beautiful and well designed themes out there for free, a majority of them are not very good, not very powerful and certainly not scalable. If you’re looking to build a massive website, you’re going to need a professionally designed WordPress theme that will do exactly what you need.

Many theme design companies have sprung up to fill in this market niche and there are lots of great premium themes out there. By far one of the best things about purchasing a premium theme is that you get product support to help you implement the theme successfully. Here’s our choices for 10 Elegant and Powerful Premium WordPress Themes.

Studiopress Lifestyle


This is by far one of my favorite premium WordPress themes ever created. It’s versatile, powerful and has a wide range of applications. The killer feature is the featured content slider on the homepage. You’d be surprised at how many people click those links. The design color scheme is easily changed and you have built-in ways to display your ads.

Buy StudioPress Lifestyle Here

Price: $59.95

Wootube by WooThemes


WooTheme is another great theme developer. This theme is perfect if you want to start a full featured Video blog. Sure you can turn any old free WordPress theme into a videoblog but this theme is built solely for the purpose of displaying video beautifully. Worth the investment if your looking to create a video portal or clone of Wine Library TV.

Buy Wootube Here

Price: $70

Black Canvas


Another beauty from Studiopress. The focus of this theme is displaying images beautifully. This theme is perfect if you’re looking to run a photoblog. I love the black background, perfect for displaying all your images. With StudioPress you’re not just paying for design, you’re paying for a powerful backend and great tech support.

Buy Black Canvas Here

Price: $59.95

Puretype by Elegant Themes


Puretype is one of those perfect little WordPress themes. Perfectly suited to a simple blog or to a magazine style site. This theme is powerful and can manage a lot of content. The color scheme on this theme is simply beautiful. Best of all, it’s a cheap premium theme as you only have to pay a yearly membership fee to have access to all the themes from Elegant themes.

Join Elegant Themes Here

Price: $19.95/yr



There is a free version of this theme, but the premium version offers substantially more functionality. The biggest difference is that you get more color schemes to choose from out of the box. This theme is easy to use and implement. I highly recommend it.

Buy WP-Premium Here

Price: $49.95



This is a great magazine style premium theme. It’s killer feature is it’s built in automatic thumbnail generation, to make integrating images into all posts a breeze. The design is clean and the layout functional. It basically turns WordPress into a full fledged content management system.

Buy Arthemia Here

Price: $70



This is another slick magazine style premium theme. It’s layout isn’t that much different from Arthemia, but it’s color scheme is different and has a very elegant featured article slider for the front page. I would definitely give this theme a shot.

Buy Yamidoo Here

Price: $69



This theme has one purpose, it’s perfect for starting a travel blog. It does this very well. You can customize the theme so that it fits the travel theme you’re going to blog about. It’s clean and feature packed so that you can build the next killer travel blog. Travel blogs are very popular right now so it’s a good idea to have a theme that will allow you display as much content as possible.

Buy Traveler Theme Here

Price: $79.95

NewsPress by WooThemes

Night of the Comet the movie


This is a great little theme from WooThemes for building a news centered website. Perfect for a community newspaper or small niche magazine. You can customize the colors and layout using WooThemes powerful backend that they build into their themes. Best of all, right now you get two WooThemes for the price of one. Not a bad deal.

Buy NewsPress Here

Price: $70

Proof of Life trailer Basic by Elegant Themes


Don’t let the name of this theme deceive you. Basic may look simple, but it’s a very powerful theme that’s packed with useful premium features. I love the look and feel of it and you can easily change the color scheme. Another excellent theme from Elegant Themes.

Join Elegant Themes Here

Price: $19.95/yr

Love a premium WordPress theme that isn’t listed? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about it.

Review: Atahualpa – the Emperor of Free WordPress Themes?

Atahualpa was the last sovereign emperor of the Tahuantinsuyu; the indigenous name for the massive Inca Empire.  Presumably it is this sense of scope that led the creators of one of the most comprehensive free WordPress themes I have yet encountered to choose this namesake.  Beyond that the Atahualpa theme by the good people at BytesForAll does not share any further history with the Incan emperor who was eventually destroyed by the Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizzaro.

The Atahualpa theme for WordPress is essentially a one-stop shop for everything a WordPress site could ever want.  Customization of every element is available, from headers and footers, “Next Page” text, the layout, color and size of forms, tables, links, stylesheets, even a separate page for a custom Favicon in included.  Think of the Atahualpa theme as a beautifully integrated backend for both form and function, of coding and design.

Atahualpa theme for WordPress - dashboard

The main dashboard for the Atahualpa theme

Normally getting a custom favicon for your site, that is, the small image that appears to the left of your URL in the browser line, requires a separate plugin. Atahualpa makes integrating your own custom favicon or selecting one from an existing table of popular favicons easy and seamless:

Atahualpa's favicon page

Atahualpa's favicon page

Displaying images is no longer tied restricted to the somewhat limited image control panel built into WordPress.  Nor do you have to understand php to futz with your theme.  With Atahualpa the power to alter how images display, integrate and function within your theme comes through its dedicated Image panel:

A small portion of Atahualpa's image control panel

A small portion of Atahualpa's image control panel

Even the way widgets are displayed on your site can be customized from Atahualpa’s dedicated Widgets control panel – fonts, borders, placement and much more.  If you are an advanced coder or designer, however, fear not – your talents are not being discredited or disregarded by virtue of this PowerTool for the People – your skillset can be put to work in those custom areas; knowledge of CSS can take your modifications even further:

Atahualpa even includes a control panel for Widgets!

Atahualpa even includes a control panel for Widgets!

Despite its complexity, there is little that is intimidating about the interface.  I particularly enjoyed the huge Save and Reset buttons at the bottom of each customization page – it feels like a giant NerfTM toy, despite its power.

Atahualpa theme for WordPress - Save button

Atahualpa vs. Thesis

The biggest players in the blogosphere tend to flock around a very popular and powerful theme known as Thesis

.  Thesis grants enormous levels of control and customization in a solid, very well integrated package for WordPress installations.  It has dedicated, even comprehensive SEO solutions, multi-column and width options, a heaps upon heaps of design management aides.  It will cost you $80 per site, however, and around a $150 for a multi-site license.

Atahualpa has its own dedicated SEO page, multi-column/width customization, and huge amounts of design control that even a novice could tinker with without breaking anything.  And it is completely free.  The developers have put in dozens if not hundreds of hours into developing it into a solid option to meet virtually any need, and so include a simple Paypal donation button should you feel like doing the right thing and giving a little back for their efforts.

Over 200 theme options, drop down menus for pages and categories, fluid or fixed width layout, 1, 2 or 3 columns, rotating header images, auto image resizing, integrated Feedburner form, 4 extra widgets and more comprise the vast array of features.  The admin supports English in addition to the following language codes: DE, HU, PT, CZ, SI, TR, FR, PL, NL, BG, IT, VN, JP, ES.

Atahualpa is an Emperor among free WordPress themes, indeed.  I strongly recommend it, especially for those of you just starting out, since it can even help you understand some of the processes of coding and design that you can later implement on your own in perhaps someday customizing your own themes.

To download and test-drive Atahualpa today, visit

About the Author:
Keram is a new media consultant, music producer, actor and writer who opines on SEO at and society at Listen to his podcast at and find him on Twitter @ConstantChange


10 Unconventional WordPress Themes

For some reason, I love blogs that break the rules. Whether it’s a different design or functionality, I love playing around with WordPress themes that can only be described as unconventional. In other words, themes that don’t follow the typical style and layout of WordPress themes. Themes that use a unique layout and awesome graphics that push the limits of web design.

Below are my picks for the Top 10 Unconventional WordPress Themes.

Japan Style


download great escape the

This is a perfect blog theme for all you Japanophiles out there. This theme will turn your blog in a Japanese themed wonderland. Features include slick Japanese Watercolor header, pretty background, clipart and a design that can be described as functional and elegant.

Download Japan Style WordPress Theme

Feed Me, Seymour


Feed Me, Seymour is a fun theme designed around displaying different feeds in an interesting and fun way. It’s got a unique yellow color scheme, 5 column layout and the ability to display content in any way that you wish within the theme parameters.

Download Feed Me, Seymour



This theme is perfect if you’re planning on starting a green living or gardening blog. It’s green, it’s got the colors of the Earth and it’s brilliantly laid out. It’s uniqueness translates to lots of images that have to load, but it’s worth the wait and your readers will love it.

Download Outdoorsy

WP Coda Orange


WP Code Orange is an offshoot of the popular WP Coda purple theme. It features the slick scrolling navigation that makes this theme different than any other theme out there. The orange color scheme is bold, bright and lovable.

Download WP Coda Orange

Infinity From Smashing Magazine


Smashing Magazine has taken WordPress to somewhere it has never been before with its Infinity theme. The layout is image heavy, bold and elegant. It’s may not be for everyone, but it works for me.

Download Infinity



Typebased is the most conventional of the unconventional themes. It’s got a familiar layout, but what set it’s apart is it’s color scheme, 4 column layout and powerful Woothemes backend.

Download Typebased



What sets this theme apart is the way that it breaks up content. It takes a three column layout and turns it on its head. It’s clean, elegant and very yellow. It also features something that I’ve never seen before, a drop down sidebar. Now, that’s innovation.

Download Clearpess

Rainbow Feather


I’ve never seen a layout like this and I probably never will again. Who knew that yellow, blue and pink would go so well together? Despite the jarring combination of color, it’s unique layout will definitely make your blog stand out.

Download Rainbow Feather



This theme is deceiving in it’s simplicity. The front page features one post and the sidebar allows quick access to your content. Other more traditional sidebar content it laid out at the bottom of the page. Very clean and well put together.

Download Squible

Going Global


I’m a bit of a map geek, so I especially love any theme that manages to include a map of the world in it’s background. The color scheme is very pleasing, the layout sharp. This is a great theme for a travel blog or travel information site.

Download Going Global

Give these themes a try if you want to make your blog stick out from the pack. If you know of any other unconventional WordPress themes, feel free to leave a comment.

Top 10 Free Premium WordPress Themes

There are thousands of WordPress Theme possibilities and what theme you end up choosing for your site will influence it’s content along with the look and feel. Premium themes are great options to give your blog that extra professional look and advanced functionality that can be absent in normal free themes. Premium themes normally command a high price to use, but I’ve compiled a list of 10 Free Premium like themes.

Arthemia Magazine Style Theme


This theme is simply gorgeous and comes with lots of advanced functionality. It’s a magazine style theme, meaning that it will allow you to display more of your content in a useful way. It invites people to explore your site. This is a great theme if you’re starting a community like site.

Download Arthemia Theme



This theme is as minimalist as they get. It’s clean and crisp. It loads quickly and looks great while doing it. Perfect if you just want to get your blog up there and customize as you go along.

Download Blog.txt Theme



Dojo Theme is a pretty plain theme, but it’s well laid out and looks great. It’s minimalism hides a powerful backend that will help take your blog to the next level.

Download Dojo Theme


firebug-screenshot mercenary for justice movie

Firebug is a great dark theme. It may be dark, but it’s not hard on the eyes to read. Perfect for a sci-fi oriented site or gaming oriented blog. It’s also very customizable and it even includes great ad placement slots.

Download Firebug Theme

Premium News


This theme comes from WooThemes – a great premium WordPress theme maker. This is their one free theme and it looks simply wonderful. It features lots of cool ways to display your content and feature it. Woo Themes are usually easy to use and setup and you have the option to buy support if you need a little extra help.

Download Premium News from WooThemes

Mimbo Magazine


Mimbo is another magazine style theme that does everything you need in order to set up a full featured magazine style blog. Very clean lines and nice layout.

Download Mimbo Theme

WP Premium


This theme features three color schemes and is very well laid out. It’s easy to customize and there is plenty of free support out there.

Download WP Premium



Ashford is a perfect theme for a company looking to build a simple website. It’s nice and clean and loads quickly. You can customize the colors anyway you want and it won’t take long to have a professional looking website for your company.

Download Ashford Theme



Coda is a neat theme that displays content in a rather unusual way, with a slideshow functionality. It’s also purple. Great if you like purple. But not hard to change if you’re comfortable editing your theme files.

Download Coda Theme

Massive Press


This is a great theme if you’re looking to have lots of rich content but not go all the way towards a magazine style format. It has nice colors and a clean layout.

Download Massive Press

What’s your favorite Free Premium WordPress Theme?

5 WordPress Themes You Can Use For Business

WordPress is no longer a tool only used by bloggers. It now works as one of the best CMS and website management tools available. Many companies have made a move to WordPress because it is a simple and effective way to manage their websites.

The problem is that many free themes available for WordPress are far from being business ready. They just don’t look professional enough. Clients don’t exactly want to see a Spiderman theme or tons of pictures of your dogs in the header.

So what can you do?

Luckily, there are some really useful themes available for business use. They are professionally designed to look more like a website than a blog. Here are 5 great WordPress themes that you can use for your companies website (or your portfolio):

1. VibrantCMS by WooThemes


This theme is great for a business because it allows you to feature some important information about your company on the homepage. Users can click the next button to learn more about your products and services.

It’s also very easy to customize to match your logo and colors. The theme is also widget ready to it’s really easy to add plugins and extra features.


Get It Here:

Gog video 2. Fresh Folio by WooThemes


Another great theme designed by WooThemes. This one works well if you are looking to create a portfolio. It makes use of images on the portfolio which makes it really easy on the eyes.

This one is also easy to customize and comes with built in Flick and Twitter widgets to show off your images and tweets. Very cool!

Price: $70
Get It Here:

3. iReal Estate by


Looking to create a real estate website? This theme is an awesome looking one and looks very professional. It has a featured properties section on the homepage where you can show off pictures of properties that are currently available.

It also allows you to have an actual blog page where you can post updates and news about your company.

Price: $79
Get It Here:

4. Corporate by StudioPress


StudioPress is my favorite place to find premium WordPress themes. I have utilized them on many blogs and love how easy they are to use. Their Corporate theme is perfect for business use. It’s simple, yet still has a professional appearance.

The theme is widget ready and makes it simple to embed videos in the sidebar.

Price: $59.95
Get It Here:

The Darjeeling Limited release

5. Titanium by


The Titanium theme works well if you are looking to create a company website that looks like a traditional one instead of a blog. For the most part, the theme looks like a complete website and most people would never guess that the site is running off of WordPress.

It has a feature box at the top of the homepage that automatically scrolls through a few pictures. This works great if you want to create a slideshow or a few images describing your company.

The theme also has some built in social networking buttons which makes it easy for people to stay up to date with your company.

Price: $79
Get It Here:

As you can see, there are a lot of options for professional WordPress themes. Using WordPress is a great way to create a company website, especially if you want it to be easy to update. Not to mention all of the features WordPress provides such as plugins. I highly recommend using it for your next website.

Revolution Church Theme

There are a lot of free themes available for WordPress, but many of them look plain and lack features. Not to mention they have been used millions of times by people from all over the world. That’s why I prefer to use premium themes. Not only do they look better but they also have been used a lot less times.

One of my all-time favorite themes is the Revolution Church theme, which can be seen here . It’s a magazine style theme that uses the Featured Content plugin to show off some of your featured posts. Here is a screenshot of what the theme looks like by default:


As you can see, the theme has a very professional look. It also used a magazine style layout which makes it really easy to keep your content organized between sections. If you are not looking to use the magazine layout, you can use this theme with a typical blog front page. This will list all of your posts in order just like a typical theme.


Besides the Featured Content plugin, this theme also has some easy to use functions. The theme has its own theme options page where you can set different things such as:

  • Banner Ads – The theme simply allows you to enter in your code for your ads and it will automatically add them to the theme.
  • Feedburner ID – Simply enter in your Feedburner ID and the newsletter form will automatically start working for your feed.
  • Video Code – Using the Featured Video section is as easy as pasting in some video code. It works well with YouTube and other video sharing websites.


Another thing I really like about the Revolution Church Theme is the ability to customize it. If you have some knowledge of CSS, you can change the colors and layout as much as you would like. For an example of a modified theme, check out . As you can see, the colors are similiar but the whole layout has been modified.


The Revolution Church Theme costs $59.99, which is a great price for a premium theme. You can also buy the full package for $199.99 and that includes all of the Revolution Themes. Very useful if you plan on making more than one blog.

Want to purchase this theme? Get it here.

Whitey Theme for OpenLD

This is my first theme for OpenLD. Please report any bugs for future revisions.

Download is now working.

Theme: Whitey
Version: 1.1
Demo: WordPress Blog Directory

Description visitor the dvdrip :

- Simple, white & blue theme for OpenLD.
- Quick Search box on front page.
- “Adsense ready”.
- Top blue navigation bar.


1. Upload the unzipped “Whitey” archive to your themes folder (openld/themes).
2. Login to your admin panel and select “themes” from the admin menu.
3. Select the “Whitey” theme.

To Include Ads: (best for 728×90 banners)

1. Open index.php
2. Paste your code after line 82:

place your ADSENSE code After this line

Paste Your Code Here
place your ADSENSE code Before this line

In support of the OpenLD project.

WordPress Theme Generator

I found this while doing a google search the other day. A WordPress Theme Generator that could definitely be helpful for those of you who want to have a unique WordPress theme, without necessarily getting your hands dirty. This tool will help you create your own custom WordPress theme, without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge. It also supports widgets. You just change the colors, settings and layout with the help of drop down menus or boxes, and you can preview your “work in progress” theme while you do all this. Then, you can save your settings and download your theme as a zip-file. You’ll extract, upload, and set your theme as you would with any other WordPress theme.

I thought I could do a quick demonstration.

This is what the default theme looks like:

(click to see a bigger pic)

(two columns, left sidebar)

5 minutes later…(alright, I was not counting but let’s say five)

Watership Down psp
The Passion of the Christ full

First Version: download Bound for Glory

(3 columns, right sidebar, bubbles anybody?)

Third and Last Version:

(2 columns, right sidebar)

You can use backgrounds provided by the “WordPress Theme Generator” tool, or you can use your own providing a url for a pic (you can use your own banner too). I think I like my second version better. They still kind of look similar to the default theme (it has its limitations), but with a little more tweaking (and your own logos) you can make it look different.