Top 10 Most Beautiful 3 Column Themes

For many bloggers, a 3 column theme is what you need to take your blog to the next level. It allows you to show more content in your sidebars, allows better ad placement and generally creates a more well rounded and balanced design.

There are tons of free 3 column themes available and you will have a lot of options. Here’s our picks for the most beautiful three column WordPress themes that we could find.

1. Mimbo

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Mimbo is a well put together 3 columned magazine style theme. It works perfectly for taking your blog to the next level. It displays your content in a way that makes it easier for new visitors to explore your site. Great for ad click conversions.

Mimbo Theme

2. Aeros


Aeros is a slick theme. It’s key feature is that it has a pretty background picture (that you can change) and your blog floats of top of it. The image stays put but your content moves as you navigate the site. It’s a little gimmicky but it’s slick and well put together. Perfect for showing off your content. The package comes with several images you can have as the background as well as allowing you to create your own.

Aeros Theme

3. Puteulanus


Puteulanus is a very well designed 3 column theme that really likes the color blue. But it’s not overpowering. Everything is well laid out and underneath is a powerful theme. It’s well designed for ad placement optimization and will suit most advanced bloggers very well.


4. Publicizer


Don’t let this theme’s simplicity fool you. It’s an incredibly powerful and well designed theme that’s perfect for showing off your blog and all the great content you’ve written.


5. Woodtastic


This theme won’t suit everyone, but I love it. It harkens back to a more solid way of displaying content. It adds an air of sophistication and opulence to what are otherwise slick blogs. Woodtastic is well designed and doesn’t go overboard with the wood theme. This is one of those perfect little themes you just have to try.


6. Tamodatchi


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What I love the most about the Tamodatchi theme are the colors. The color palette the designers have chosen just works perfectly for me. It’s well laid out as well and it perfect for ad placement. It’s a simple, zen-like theme that just seems to work for me.


7. Brownmagic


Brownmagic is light and airy but also extremely powerful. It will help you display your content in a way that makes it easy for your readers to find content and explore your site. The only thing I’m not crazy about it the yellow at the top. I could live without that.


8. DailyPress


This is a theme you’ve probably already seen in a lot of places. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that it’s a theme that WORKS. It also has many ways that you can customize it so that it’s different from all the other sites that use it. It’s a nice little theme that I recommend using if it suits your needs.


9. Corptheme


Corptheme is a simple 3 column layout that is perfect for a company website. It’s a clean design that has four color options. It also has drop down menus, which is always a good feature to have on a 3 column blog. It’s clean and it works.


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10. Limit


While this is a three column theme, it’s got some unique design elements that separate it from the pack. It’s well laid out and has a very pleasing color palette. An excellent starter 3 column WordPress Theme.


So there is a good list of three column themes to get you started. What’s Your Favorite Three Column Theme? improve premarin lining