Five Contact Form Plugins For WordPress

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Every blog needs a way for people to contact the author quickly and easily. This is easier said than done in the days of rampant spam-bots, where a simple contact form can fill your inbox with SPAM. Here’s a roundup of five great contact form plugins for WordPress as well as a way for you to roll your own.

Contact Form 7

This is one of the most popular contact forms for WordPress. There’s not much to say about than that it’s just another contact form plugin. It’s very simple but also very flexible. Contact Form 7 will allow you to manage multiple contact forms, customize the form and manage simply with markup language. This plugin form supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering. It’s everything that you’ll need for a good contact form. I personally use it on almost all of my blogs because I know how to use it and take advantage of all the featured. However, it may have too many features for most users.

Download Contact Form 7

WP Contact Form prednisone tapering schedule

It doesn’t get simpler than WP Contact Form. WP Contact Form is a simple drop in form that users can use to contact you. The pest thing about this form is that you can use it on a WordPress page or blog post. It’s not very feature rich, but that’s what appealing about it. There isn’t any SPAM protection for this one, so you may run into issues with SPAM.

Download WP Contact Form

WP Contact Form III

WP Contact Form III is a simple contact form based on Ryan Duff’s WP Contact Form and Doug Karr’s (antispam) modification for Ryan’s original form. Basically it’s WP Contact Form with SPAM protection. This is great because now you can use the simplicity of WP Contact Form and not get deluged with SPAM. This one also allows your visitors the option to specify the subject of their email. You can also customize the look and feel of the form my editing a small CSS file.

Download WP Contact Form III

SimpleModal Contact Form

SimpleModal is a contact form with balls. SimpleModal Contact Form is Ajax powered modal contact form, meaning that it acts like a full fledged mini web application as opposed to a simple PHP script. It utilizes the jQuery JavaScript library and the SimpleModal jQuery plugin. Because it’s AJAX based, you can customize a lot of elements on the contact form such as the Subject field and the “Send me a copy” option for the sender. Pretty powerful little web app.

Download SimpleModal Contact Form

Enhanced WP Contact Form

Another great simple Contact Form plugin, what makes this one pretty good is the fact that’s the plugin was written by Joost de Valk, who makes some of the best WordPress plugins out there. Easy Contact Form is easily embedded into a blog post or page by writing the shortcode [wpcf]. It features SPAM protection, shows referrer information and has the option to let the user send themselves a copy of the message.

Download Enhance WP Contact Form

Roll Your Own

No I don’t mean write your own form from scratch. There are many awesome free web based tools that will help you create a contact form. My favorite is Wufoo, they let you create any type of form that you’ll need using a simple wep application on their website. The service is free for low volume websites (100 submissions/month) or you can pay for more. They also have an advanced web-based dashboard so you can see all your form submissions and manage them in one place. All you have to do it place the embed code on any page on your blog and the form is ready to go.

Check out Wufoo here.

Do you have a contact form on your blog? If so, what’s your favorite way to include one on your WordPress blog? Feel free to share any plugines that I did not mention above.

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