10 Gorgeous Two Column WordPress Themes

Whether your creating the next Top 100 blog or doing a small website for a company, two column themes provide lots of functionality and clean design. Many people overlook two columned themes in favor of more robust three columned themes, but if you’re designing a simple blog or a small website, two columns will suit most uses fine and be much easier to setup and maintain.

They are a great way to emphasize content since there is more space available while still allowing enough room for advertisements and other widgets. Here is an overview of ten awesome looking two columned themes you can use for your WordPress blog:

Auntie Mame dvdrip Green Tech Theme


A clean brown and green theme that is perfectly designed for ad placement. It also has an author box where you can tell your readers a little about you.

Download Green Tech Theme

WP Freemium Theme


A very clean two columned theme that is perfect if you are looking for a magazine style site but don’t want three columns. It also has some built in space for 125 pixel advertisements.

Download WP Freemium Theme

Salmon Theme


This theme is colorful, clean and gorgeous. The header is very clean and the sidebar has plenty of room for a banner ad as well at listing other information.

Download Salmon Theme

Blue Sensation Theme


I tend to like themes that use blue as the primary color and this is no exception, clean and well laid out. The theme incorporates a subscribe section to make it easy for readers to stay up to date. It also has a built in section for 125 pixel banner ads.

Download Blue Sensation Theme

Blues Theme


This theme has a lot going on, but once you master it, it’s a perfect theme to allow people to explore all the content you have to offer. The best part about the theme is that it uses some of the header space for advertisements. That way you do not have to sacrifice real estate in your sidebar for ads.

Download Blues Theme

Webby Green Theme


This theme is lean, clean and green. What more can you ask for?

Download Webby Green Theme

WP-Portal Theme


This theme is bright and bold as well as cleanly laid out. Like many of the themes above, it has a built in advertisement section so you can monetize your blog.

Download WP-Portal Theme

Corporate Theme


This theme is perfect for setting up a website for a business. It’s simple, yet very professional looking.

Download Corporate Theme download one night stand mp3

Floristica Theme


You can make the header whatever you want, which sold me on this theme. I love the transparency as well.

Download Floristica Theme

Tropicala Theme


This is a pretty simple two columned theme, but it looks great and is perfect for simple websites.

Download Tropicala Theme

What’s your favorite Two Column WordPress Theme?