WordPress 101 – What is WordPress?

If you are new to blogging, then you are probably not sure what it is and what WordPress is all about. So here are some basics to help you understand what blogging is, what content management is, and how WordPress came about.

Just What is Blogging?

Blogging is simply content arranged in descending order, back in time about any particular subject. This blog focuses on WordPress. So, we write posts dealing with WordPress. Blogs have made it easy for anyone to setup a website and write about their interests.

Blogs also have several other important elements such as the ability to let users comment, archiving, searching, category management and a host of other features that can be added with additional software.

I hesitate to say that a blog is like a diary, because that implies that all blogs are simply personal diaries. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are millions of blogs about millions of different subjects with very few personal diaries gaining any real popularity

What Is Content Management?

Back in the early days of the Web, if you wanted to have your own website about a subject, you needed to write it from scratch in HTML and update it manually. While this was fine when websites were simple, it quickly became very time consuming to update a website when there were hundreds of pages of content, let alone thousands.

This where content management systems come in. A content management system manages content in a database. Content is called from a database and displayed on a page automatically when a page is loaded. This means that you can have thousands of pages of content, managed efficiently in a way that makes maintaining a website easier. This means that people could now focus on the actual creation of content, rather than the technical aspects of maintaining it.

When the blog format was developed, it did not take long for blogging platforms to develop. Blogging Platforms such as Blogger or WordPress became basic content management systems for blog content. They were easy to use and develop. This led to an explosion in blogs. Several millions blogs are created everyday in the world. Everyone has something to say. And a lot of them are saying it with WordPress.

WordPress History

In the spirit of open source software development, WordPress was created from another blogging platform. WordPress came about from the work of Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, who developed WordPress and released it into the wild.

It’s popularity hit critical mass when Six Apart, the company behind another popular blogging platform called Movable Type, changed it licensing agreements, leading to many users migrating their blogs to the free and open source WordPress platform.

WordPress has been under active development for nearly 6 years and has thousands of developers contributing to the project, thousands of plugins that extend functionality, thousands of customized themes and many business success stories.

Why Is WordPress The Best Choice For Blogging?

WordPress introduces simplicity into blogging. It works right out of the box, it’s easy to maintain and it’s backend is extremely powerful. This allows anyone to create a huge blog and run it successfully. Some of the biggest blogs on the web use WordPress. It just works.

It’s ease of use coupled with the thousands of themes and plugins available, mean that you can get WordPress to do pretty much anything you would need it too. All at little or no cost. Because of the popularity of WordPress there are countless experts on the web that can help you solve any problem you may be having.

Another great aspect of WordPress is that it can be hacked into being a simple content management system, meaning that you can take it beyond a blog and create a full featured website. Perfect for developing websites or blogs for businesses.

The Future of WordPress

The future of WordPress is secure, it’s under active development and now has the backing of several companies that maintain the overall codebase. It’s popularity means that it won’t be going anywhere and that new features will be continuously added and old features improved. So, if you’re looking for start you own blog and want to do it in the best way possible, then WordPress is your best bet.

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