Top 10 Photoblog WordPress Themes

While there are many decent content management systems out there to run a photoblog, many cost money or are hard to customize to fit your needs. This is where WordPress comes in to help. It makes a great platform to run a photoblog because it has everything necessary to run one built right in. If it doesn’t have something, one of the thousands of plugins available will help you add the features you need.

The hardest part of using WordPress as a photoblog is finding a theme that works with photos. Most of the themes available are geared more towards blogging using text. Luckily, there are many fantastic photoblog themes out there, even free ones!

Here is our roundup of the 10 best free photoblog themes to showcase your photography.



Nishita is a simple, minimalist photoblog theme. What I like about it is that the design is broken up into blocks. Best of all, if you don’t like the color scheme you can easily change it by altering the CSS file. This makes it east to customize to your own standards.

Download Nishita here. download no man s land the rise of reeker divx



A lot of photoblogs shrink your images to make them fit into the design, Nautilus is great because it doesn’t do that. It makes the image the most prominent object on the page. The theme stays out of the way so that you can show off your art in the best way possible. I really enjoy this theme and have come across a few sites that are utilizing it.

Download Nautilus here.



Many Photoblog themes are white or gray, this one is black. I think the dark colors help bring out the shadows in your pictures and make them POP. Very cool theme. It also makes it easy to add more details about your photos as you can see in the screenshot above.

Download PhotoWP

Matchstick Men movie

Zack 390


Another simple, white theme. What separates this one from the rest is the way it displays older pictures at the bottom. You can also display videos using the theme, which I think it really useful if you maybe want to have a videoblog that features just videos. This theme is perfect for multiple uses.

Download Zack 390


monotone one quiet night mp3 download

Monotone is by far my favorite photoblog theme. It looks like many other photoblog themes out there, but what sets it apart is that the theme color scheme will change based on the color content of the current picture. This means that your blog theme will always match the picture you have up. It’s actually one of the coolest features I have seen built in to a free WordPress theme.

Very very slick.

Download Monotone



AutoFocus isn’t really a straight photoblog theme. It’s more of way to create a whole site around your photography. It displays your pictures in a really unique way. Very much worth exploring if you need to create a portfolio site. It looks proffessional enough that you could use it to advertise your work, as well as services and other offerings.

Download AutoFocus The Clock Watcher movie The Mummy ipod


The Art of Self Defense video


This theme makes your photos look like they’re on an old fashioned slide. I love the black background. It makes pictures POP out at you. I also like the fact that it is really simple and does not distract your viers from your images. Very cool theme, especially if you do black and white photography.

Download Dolichocephale


download dark reprieve divx

Another black and gray based photoblog theme. It’s sharp and well laid out. I would definitely give this one a try.

Download Grain

Ellie Parker trailer



Linquist is a pretty basic photoblog theme with great styling. The posts and comments are displayed along with the images. What I like is that all the descriptions and stuff are displayed next to the images. This makes it easy to add in text about the photo, location, etc. It also makes it easy for readers because they can click on the comments link to leave some feedback.

Download Linquist



This is an awesome photoblog theme for WordPress. It’s light, airy and displays images beautifully and large. There is no clutter or sidebars, just your art.

Download PhotoPress

So there you have it, a good list of photoblog themes you can use to showcase your photgraphy on your WordPress blog (or site). Have you used a different photoblog theme? If so, feel free to let us know what your favorite WordPress Photoblog Theme is.