Top 10 Most Elegant Premium Themes

I get asked this question a lot: Why would I pay for a WordPress theme when there are so many for free?

While there may be many beautiful and well designed themes out there for free, a majority of them are not very good, not very powerful and certainly not scalable. If you’re looking to build a massive website, you’re going to need a professionally designed WordPress theme that will do exactly what you need.

Many theme design companies have sprung up to fill in this market niche and there are lots of great premium themes out there. By far one of the best things about purchasing a premium theme is that you get product support to help you implement the theme successfully. Here’s our choices for 10 Elegant and Powerful Premium WordPress Themes.

Studiopress Lifestyle


This is by far one of my favorite premium WordPress themes ever created. It’s versatile, powerful and has a wide range of applications. The killer feature is the featured content slider on the homepage. You’d be surprised at how many people click those links. The design color scheme is easily changed and you have built-in ways to display your ads.

Buy StudioPress Lifestyle Here

Price: $59.95

Wootube by WooThemes


WooTheme is another great theme developer. This theme is perfect if you want to start a full featured Video blog. Sure you can turn any old free WordPress theme into a videoblog but this theme is built solely for the purpose of displaying video beautifully. Worth the investment if your looking to create a video portal or clone of Wine Library TV.

Buy Wootube Here

Price: $70

Black Canvas


Another beauty from Studiopress. The focus of this theme is displaying images beautifully. This theme is perfect if you’re looking to run a photoblog. I love the black background, perfect for displaying all your images. With StudioPress you’re not just paying for design, you’re paying for a powerful backend and great tech support.

Buy Black Canvas Here

Price: $59.95

Puretype by Elegant Themes


Puretype is one of those perfect little WordPress themes. Perfectly suited to a simple blog or to a magazine style site. This theme is powerful and can manage a lot of content. The color scheme on this theme is simply beautiful. Best of all, it’s a cheap premium theme as you only have to pay a yearly membership fee to have access to all the themes from Elegant themes.

Join Elegant Themes Here

Price: $19.95/yr



There is a free version of this theme, but the premium version offers substantially more functionality. The biggest difference is that you get more color schemes to choose from out of the box. This theme is easy to use and implement. I highly recommend it.

Buy WP-Premium Here

Price: $49.95



This is a great magazine style premium theme. It’s killer feature is it’s built in automatic thumbnail generation, to make integrating images into all posts a breeze. The design is clean and the layout functional. It basically turns WordPress into a full fledged content management system.

Buy Arthemia Here

Price: $70



This is another slick magazine style premium theme. It’s layout isn’t that much different from Arthemia, but it’s color scheme is different and has a very elegant featured article slider for the front page. I would definitely give this theme a shot.

Buy Yamidoo Here

Price: $69



This theme has one purpose, it’s perfect for starting a travel blog. It does this very well. You can customize the theme so that it fits the travel theme you’re going to blog about. It’s clean and feature packed so that you can build the next killer travel blog. Travel blogs are very popular right now so it’s a good idea to have a theme that will allow you display as much content as possible.

Buy Traveler Theme Here

Price: $79.95

NewsPress by WooThemes

Night of the Comet the movie


This is a great little theme from WooThemes for building a news centered website. Perfect for a community newspaper or small niche magazine. You can customize the colors and layout using WooThemes powerful backend that they build into their themes. Best of all, right now you get two WooThemes for the price of one. Not a bad deal.

Buy NewsPress Here

Price: $70

Proof of Life trailer Basic by Elegant Themes


Don’t let the name of this theme deceive you. Basic may look simple, but it’s a very powerful theme that’s packed with useful premium features. I love the look and feel of it and you can easily change the color scheme. Another excellent theme from Elegant Themes.

Join Elegant Themes Here

Price: $19.95/yr

Love a premium WordPress theme that isn’t listed? Feel free to leave a comment and tell us about it.