5 Websites Using WordPress As A CMS

WordPress is extremely powerful and can be made to do anything with the right resources. It’s so much more than a blogging platform. That is by far the most exciting aspect of the platform. The WordPress backend is so powerful that it can drive huge websites with thousands of pages of content without even blinking an eye.

To give you an idea what is possible with using WordPress as a full fledged Content Management System, here are some examples of mainstream websites using WorPpress as a CMS.

Martha Stewart


Yes, domestic Goddess Martha Stewart has a blog and it’s running on WordPress. It’s a sharp design built well to integrate into the content filled MarthaStewart.com. Good job Martha. You know how to entertain bloggers properly.


10 Downing Street


This is a fantastic implementation of WordPress on a big scale. The site uses WordPress as a great way to show off content easily. They’ve also implemented various social networking websites very well. I love the simplicity of this website, a site that one would expect to be huge and elaborate.

Number 10

Mental Floss


Mental Floss is a fantastic print magazine and they also put out a ton of great stuff on their website, which is entirely run on WordPress. They’ve obviously done quite a bit of customization but the result is an impressive amount of content managed in a useful and efficient manner.

Mental Floss Magazine

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Digital Photography School

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DPS started out as a blog but it has turned into so much more. It’s a full fledged community driven by WordPress. The theme is heavily customized along with the backend, but the imprint of WordPress is unmistakable. They’ve managed to take one giant blog and split it into 3 blogs, all using the same installation of WordPress. A beautiful design well implemented and thought out.

Digital Photography School

Boy’s Life Magazine


Boy’s Life was one of my favorite magazines as a kid and it’s great to see that they’ve embraced WordPress in such an excellent way. Their design is unique and they’ve managed to present lots of content in a useful way. There’s a lot of great stuff on this site and they’ve managed to implement it well. Very cool.

Boys’ Life

Many Others…

Besides these sites, there are many others out there that are also utilizing WordPress as a CMS. As time moves on, I suspect than more and more websites will start using WordPress. Mainly because it is free and very easy to use on the backend. Plus plugins and themes make it really easy to customize to your needs, regardless if you are using it for a blog or website.

What’s your favorite use of WordPress as a CMS?

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