Integrating Twitter and WordPress

Twitter is quickly changing the way people market and interact with their readers. It’s important to make your blog as Twitter friendly as possible so you can take advantage of this.

Should you waste your time with Twitter? Yes. Twitter is a great way to build traffic for your blogs as well as create interesting relationships with people all over the world. It can lead to many exciting opportunities and help sustain your blog.

Set-up Twitter Account

The first step is to actually get a Twitter account. It’s free and takes minutes to set up. Once you’ve done that you can do many cool things to get it integrated into your blogging flow.

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The first step should be to link your blog RSS feed with your Twitter account. This will mean that when you publish a new post on your blog, a notice will go out across your Twitter feed. Your followers will be able to keep up when you write a new post. Doing this is a great way to increase traffic to your blog.

My favorite tool for putting an RSS feed onto Twitter is called Twitterfeed.


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TwitThis is a small plugin that puts a little icon at the bottom of each post. It allows people to quickly and easily post a link to your blog post on Twitter. This is a great way to generate traffic. When someone posts a Tweet, all their followers see it. And if one of those followers likes it, they’ll re-tweet it and it will get seen by their followers and on and on. It doesn’t take a lot to hit critical mass in Twitter, just a great blog post and a big enough audience to Tweet it.

Download TwitThis here

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Let your regular readers know what you’re up to on Twitter. Put your Twitter feed into your blog sidebar. It’s easy and great way to increase traffic to your Twitter profile. There are several ways to do this. You can get a WordPress Plugin that will parse the feed for you. There is also a much easier way. Your Twitter Feed has a built in RSS Feed so that you can just use the WordPress RSS Widget to put it in your sidebar.

Twitter Badge

Make is easy for your readers to find you on Twitter. Find a graphic that you like and link it to your Twitter account. For some great twitter badges, check out this post on Twitter Badges from Put it in a prominent place so as many eyeballs see it as possible. Pretty soon you’ll find that you’re regular readers are following you on Twitter.

Twitter and Comments

A great way to create engagement with your readers is have them enter their Twitter username when they leave comments. The WP-Twitip Plugin will add a Twitter ID field to your comments form. The script it runs will turn that ID into a link to a user’s Twitter Profile. This will allow to find your users on Twitter and give them an extra bit of engagement with your blog.

Download WP-Twitip-ID Plugin here

Regardless of the method you choose, it can be very beneficial to integrate Twitter within your blog. Not only will you build more readers, but you will also build your following on Twitter and interact with more people that share the same interests as you.