10 Unconventional WordPress Themes

For some reason, I love blogs that break the rules. Whether it’s a different design or functionality, I love playing around with WordPress themes that can only be described as unconventional. In other words, themes that don’t follow the typical style and layout of WordPress themes. Themes that use a unique layout and awesome graphics that push the limits of web design.

Below are my picks for the Top 10 Unconventional WordPress Themes.

Japan Style


download great escape the

This is a perfect blog theme for all you Japanophiles out there. This theme will turn your blog in a Japanese themed wonderland. Features include slick Japanese Watercolor header, pretty background, clipart and a design that can be described as functional and elegant.

Download Japan Style WordPress Theme

Feed Me, Seymour


Feed Me, Seymour is a fun theme designed around displaying different feeds in an interesting and fun way. It’s got a unique yellow color scheme, 5 column layout and the ability to display content in any way that you wish within the theme parameters.

Download Feed Me, Seymour



This theme is perfect if you’re planning on starting a green living or gardening blog. It’s green, it’s got the colors of the Earth and it’s brilliantly laid out. It’s uniqueness translates to lots of images that have to load, but it’s worth the wait and your readers will love it.

Download Outdoorsy

WP Coda Orange


WP Code Orange is an offshoot of the popular WP Coda purple theme. It features the slick scrolling navigation that makes this theme different than any other theme out there. The orange color scheme is bold, bright and lovable.

Download WP Coda Orange

Infinity From Smashing Magazine


Smashing Magazine has taken WordPress to somewhere it has never been before with its Infinity theme. The layout is image heavy, bold and elegant. It’s may not be for everyone, but it works for me.

Download Infinity



Typebased is the most conventional of the unconventional themes. It’s got a familiar layout, but what set it’s apart is it’s color scheme, 4 column layout and powerful Woothemes backend.

Download Typebased



What sets this theme apart is the way that it breaks up content. It takes a three column layout and turns it on its head. It’s clean, elegant and very yellow. It also features something that I’ve never seen before, a drop down sidebar. Now, that’s innovation.

Download Clearpess

Rainbow Feather


I’ve never seen a layout like this and I probably never will again. Who knew that yellow, blue and pink would go so well together? Despite the jarring combination of color, it’s unique layout will definitely make your blog stand out.

Download Rainbow Feather



This theme is deceiving in it’s simplicity. The front page features one post and the sidebar allows quick access to your content. Other more traditional sidebar content it laid out at the bottom of the page. Very clean and well put together.

Download Squible

Going Global


I’m a bit of a map geek, so I especially love any theme that manages to include a map of the world in it’s background. The color scheme is very pleasing, the layout sharp. This is a great theme for a travel blog or travel information site.

Download Going Global

Give these themes a try if you want to make your blog stick out from the pack. If you know of any other unconventional WordPress themes, feel free to leave a comment.