Top 10 Free Premium WordPress Themes

There are thousands of WordPress Theme possibilities and what theme you end up choosing for your site will influence it’s content along with the look and feel. Premium themes are great options to give your blog that extra professional look and advanced functionality that can be absent in normal free themes. Premium themes normally command a high price to use, but I’ve compiled a list of 10 Free Premium like themes.

Arthemia Magazine Style Theme


This theme is simply gorgeous and comes with lots of advanced functionality. It’s a magazine style theme, meaning that it will allow you to display more of your content in a useful way. It invites people to explore your site. This is a great theme if you’re starting a community like site.

Download Arthemia Theme



This theme is as minimalist as they get. It’s clean and crisp. It loads quickly and looks great while doing it. Perfect if you just want to get your blog up there and customize as you go along.

Download Blog.txt Theme



Dojo Theme is a pretty plain theme, but it’s well laid out and looks great. It’s minimalism hides a powerful backend that will help take your blog to the next level.

Download Dojo Theme


firebug-screenshot mercenary for justice movie

Firebug is a great dark theme. It may be dark, but it’s not hard on the eyes to read. Perfect for a sci-fi oriented site or gaming oriented blog. It’s also very customizable and it even includes great ad placement slots.

Download Firebug Theme

Premium News


This theme comes from WooThemes – a great premium WordPress theme maker. This is their one free theme and it looks simply wonderful. It features lots of cool ways to display your content and feature it. Woo Themes are usually easy to use and setup and you have the option to buy support if you need a little extra help.

Download Premium News from WooThemes

Mimbo Magazine


Mimbo is another magazine style theme that does everything you need in order to set up a full featured magazine style blog. Very clean lines and nice layout.

Download Mimbo Theme

WP Premium


This theme features three color schemes and is very well laid out. It’s easy to customize and there is plenty of free support out there.

Download WP Premium



Ashford is a perfect theme for a company looking to build a simple website. It’s nice and clean and loads quickly. You can customize the colors anyway you want and it won’t take long to have a professional looking website for your company.

Download Ashford Theme



Coda is a neat theme that displays content in a rather unusual way, with a slideshow functionality. It’s also purple. Great if you like purple. But not hard to change if you’re comfortable editing your theme files.

Download Coda Theme

Massive Press


This is a great theme if you’re looking to have lots of rich content but not go all the way towards a magazine style format. It has nice colors and a clean layout.

Download Massive Press

What’s your favorite Free Premium WordPress Theme?