Encourage Comments With The CommentLuv Plugin

When it comes to judging the popularity of a blog, many people look at the amount of comments each post gets. Many popular blogs such as Problogger.net easily receive over 50 comments a day. As soon a post goes live they start receiving feedback. That’s a lot of comments…

However, my guess is that your blog isn’t receiving that many. Am I right? You are not alone. Many bloggers, especially beginners, struggle to get comments on their posts. I still remember when I first started blogging and didn’t receive a comment for 3 months! Since then I have written a few posts that have received more than 65 comments.

So how does an average Joe blogger get more comments?

By Encouraging Them

It’s true, the best way to get your readers to leave comments is to give them something in return. And the easiest way to do that is to give them a link to their latest post right below their comment. This not only gives you more comments, but it also gives your readers an incentive to start leaving some feedback. They might even get a few extra visitors from the link you gave them.

The CommentLuv Plugin

The best part of all is there is a WordPress plugin available that does this automatically. The name of the plugin is CommentLuv American Pie dvd . It will grab the commentators latest post from their RSS feed and automatically insert it below their comment. It’s a great way of saying “thank you” to your readers for taking the time to comment.

What It Looks Like

You’re probably wondering if all these links in your comments will look like spam. Luckily, it styles them in a great way and keeps them simple and easy to rear. To demonstrate the plugin, I recently left a comment on one of my friends blogs. Here is what the plugin looks like in action:


Notice how it added the box below my comment and hyperlinked my lastest post title? You can also choose some of your older posts if you signup over at CommentLuv and claim your feed.


The Whole Nine Yards rip

Installing the plugin is as easy as any other plugin. Simply download the plugin (available here

download robocop ) and upload it your plugins folder. From their you simply have to activate it and then configure a few simple options. It also helps to “claim your feed,” which can be done on the CommentLuv plugin.

Give It A Try

So I encourage you to give this plugin a try and see what happens to the amount of comments you receive. Don’t be afraid to write a post promoting your new plugin so your readers know it’s their. They will more than likely thank you for it.

Here is link to the download page: Download CommentLuv