Internet Killed the Video Star

It’s late at night and I’m almost ready to go to bed, when I hear that one of the guests on the Jimmy Kimmel show is the guy from MySpace, you know, the guy that when you create a myspace account instantly becomes your first friend. Well, his name, his name is Robert Paulson, and he’s the president and co-founder of MySpace. Just kidding, his name is Tom Anderson

(let me know if you know who Robert Paulson is). Well, I really didn’t care about who Tom Anderson was, but I had to stay and watch. I guess one gets curious about a guy that has more than 200 million friends on his myspace page and that sold a website for 680 million dollars.

I remember that when MTV aired its first video, “Video Killed the Radio Star” in 1981, the rumor was that the radio was going to become extinct because music videos had made it obsolete, the radio stars where now on TV. Well, it’s happening again, but now the “stars” seem to be online, they just don’t look like the guys from KISS anymore.