WordPress Theme Generator

I found this while doing a google search the other day. A WordPress Theme Generator that could definitely be helpful for those of you who want to have a unique WordPress theme, without necessarily getting your hands dirty. This tool will help you create your own custom WordPress theme, without any need for HTML, JS, PHP, or CSS knowledge. It also supports widgets. You just change the colors, settings and layout with the help of drop down menus or boxes, and you can preview your “work in progress” theme while you do all this. Then, you can save your settings and download your theme as a zip-file. You’ll extract, upload, and set your theme as you would with any other WordPress theme.

I thought I could do a quick demonstration.

This is what the default theme looks like:

(click to see a bigger pic)

(two columns, left sidebar)

5 minutes later…(alright, I was not counting but let’s say five)

Watership Down psp
The Passion of the Christ full

First Version: download Bound for Glory

(3 columns, right sidebar, bubbles anybody?)

Third and Last Version:

(2 columns, right sidebar)

You can use backgrounds provided by the “WordPress Theme Generator” tool, or you can use your own providing a url for a pic (you can use your own banner too). I think I like my second version better. They still kind of look similar to the default theme (it has its limitations), but with a little more tweaking (and your own logos) you can make it look different.